Monday, June 12, 2017

Rosary For Loneliness

BEADS OF JOY 06-12-17
“Rosary For Loneliness”
©2017 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

Today’s Devotional:  
Everyone at times experiences loneliness. We don’t necessarily have to be without a companion or a spouse, to be alone. We don’t necessarily have to be living without others in our home, to be alone. We don’t necessarily have to be alone, to be alone. Loneliness is usually of the heart, it’s sometimes really hard to explain it, unless you have experienced it yourself at some point of your life.

Today’s mysteries focus on the gifts of the mystery and how we experience loneliness. They also share our Lady’s experience and what we could do as we experience loneliness. I hope and pray that if you are experiencing loneliness that maybe you will find a certain peace with these devotions.

The Joyful Mysteries for Loneliness

1. The Annunciation (Humility)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of you Mother and how while you were alone; the angel Gabriel came to you. It was here, during your most quiet time alone in your faith; that Almighty God chose to speak with you, through one of His most trusted angels. How truly blessed, how most magnificently chosen you were.

I ask Lord,
That when I am alone, that you comfort me with the angels and the Holy Spirit. Please fill my heart Lord, with comfort and gladness the way you did for your Mother. I seek only to know You are with me Lord, uniting Your heart with mine; for there is no greater joy in my life. You are my everything Jesus and Your Mother sets the example I wish to follow.

2. The Visitation (Love of Neighbor)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of how you went in haste and had to be by your cousin Elizabeth’s side in her time of need. Both of you, in your most vulnerable time, certainly must have experienced loneliness in some capacity; being with Elizabeth certainly gave both of you comfort.

I ask Lord,
That when I am alone that you give me a desire inside to be with someone who is alone. I to wish to be like Your Mother, Lord. Please Lord, direct my heart to those who need someone to be there for them, someone to be there with them. And so, I shall be the one to go Lord.

3. The Birth of Jesus (Poverty of Spirit)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of how there was so much joy, mixed with fear, mixed with confusion, mixed with contentment all at the same time. For somehow in all this, you found peace. Somehow, in all this loneliness of emotions, that you alone probably only knew of, you found peace. I just know it was Jesus in your arms that gave you that peace; His love even then, poured out into your heart. How precious the love you both shared.

I ask Lord,
In times of joy and happiness in my loneliness, place your love in my arms Lord, wrap your love around me. I really wish to feel the warmth of your embrace. Even through someone else Lord, lead them to me. I know, you know Lord, when I need a hug. I know you know Lord, when I need someone to be with me. Thank you, Jesus for always being there for me when I needed you most.

4. The Presentation (Purity of Mind and Spirit)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of how you and Joseph must have felt, taking that journey to the temple with Jesus. Exciting, Yes! Fulfilling, Yes! But in scripture it does not say that you made this journey with friends or family; it sounds very much like you traveled alone. How frightening at times that must have been; and yet there was peace in your heart Mother. With Joseph strong by your side, Jesus’ love wrapped in your arms and God’s light guiding you, that loneliness wasn’t so lonely.

I ask Lord,
Please guide me whenever I must go to Mass alone and there is no one to sit with. I know sometimes I go to the chapel and I don’t anyone I recognize; but how foolish am I to think that, You are there Lord. I am there to see You, no one else! I ask Lord, that You remind me of that, whenever I am in Your house and I am “alone”, I am not alone, for I am with You.

5. Finding in The Temple (Obedience)

Our Dear Mother,
In this mystery, I think of how losing sight of Jesus must have teared you apart. A lonely experience, filled with sadness and sorrow, searching for your baby boy. I am sure you did not sleep for those three days; until your eyes were set upon Him again. A lonely horrible feeling of loss. My dear mother, you and Joseph certainly suffered a horrific pain indeed.

I ask Lord,
Please help me embrace you more, in my suffering and loneliness; especially when I feel I have lost communications or sight of those I love. Three days is nothing in today’s world and honestly there is no reason or excuse for that. We have texting and email and so many other ways today to communicate. But how sad when families and good friends don’t speak for months or even years. Please help us all to be open and loving to one another to break down these walls that separate us and keep us lonely.


Your brother in Christ Jesus 
And His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS

Today is Monday: We pray the Joyful Mysteries:

The Joyful Mysteries

1. The Annunciation (Humility) – Luke 1:26-28
2. The Visitation (Love of Neighbor) – Luke 1:39-45
3. The Birth of Jesus (Poverty of Spirit) – Luke 2:1-20
4. The Presentation (Purity of Mind and Spirit) – Luke 2:22-38
5. Finding in The Temple (Obedience) –Luke 2:41-50

I simply love mornings, because every morning begins with the Rosary.