Monday, December 27, 2010

Convictions That Move Us

Beads of Joy 12-27-10

Convictions That Move Us
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

All I can say is, never doubt the power, the plans and the blessing Almighty God has in store for you. This won't be the official conviction to the entire blessings we received at Christmas, but I will share some now. For starters many of you know our situation; that is that Chrissy (my wife) has a severe case of lung cancer, since May. She has been in the hospital 4 separate times throughout all this time, her latest and longest stay that ended just two weeks ago was a 22 day stay. She has a fungal infection in her lungs, due to a very weak immune system; so all our resources and all our energy are focused completely on Chrissy. We do all we can to make her comfortable and we try to meet all her nutritional needs and her own personal needs and desires. Well doing so, on my modest income is next to impossible since my hours have decreased, so this year we told the kids, there wont be any Christmas. At first they were sad, but then almost immediately after that, they said they understand, mommy must come first. Well with that all said, we had no plans on having a Christmas (meaning giving gifts to one another, including Santa), we just don't have the financial ability. Well God had other plans for us.

Through all this, we never doubted or questioned any of this. We never have, nor will we ever blame God for any of this. We only Thank Him for loving us and accept whatever His will for us is, no matter what it is. We look at it this way, if its His will, then that's what we want in our lives. In fact we were so confident that our Lord's will, will be what He wants in our lives that we refused help two times, so that that help can go to another family. And that was before we had any idea that we'd be blessed the way we were. Aside from the parting of the sea, this Christmas was one of many miracles we have experienced throughout this entire experience. Yes I did say "many miracles", I believe it is important to seek out miracles everyday and everywhere. God is always at work, and His concern for and focus on us, helps us see our way through all things. We have seen many other miracles these past 8 months: Chrissy's cancer reduced 30% in size, when they barely expected 10%; Chrissy's bouncing back and initial toleration of chemo showed how strong and tough she is, they didn't expect that; and now look at her advancing in physical strength and ability to get around, in three weeks she is showing tremendous success, shocking her doctors. God is so good to us, and let me tell you there are so many other countless daily miracles.

What's the point of saying you believe and you trust, if indeed when times get horribly bad, you bail, and then blame God? I ask that with a very serious question mark. I know I goof off a lot about many thing, but honestly, why bother saying how much we believe and trust when we then turn on God and blame Him, and belief and trust is out the window. Well throughout this, and we know well that this is far from being over; we have never ever lost our belief or trust or faith that God's hand has been in this all the time. I pray that so many people reading this gain some trust in their own lives and the situations they are facing. Our situation is far from over, Chrissy's doctor says this can last an easy 1-2 years or more, depending on a lot of issues. Chrissy not only has lung cancer, but she also has a severe case of emphysema. God is good to us, and to her, we just know that from her illness many will be saved and many will draw closer to our Lord. I have one friend who told me her husband is finally back to praying with her, simply because she asked him to pray with her, to pray for Chrissy. What a remarkable miracle, and that is only one I am aware of, I am sure there are many miracles of grace out there.

Soon I will write out our entire experience including details that will boggle your mind. Our Lord is simply thee most magnificent. We shall continue to keep our trust and love in our Lord, knowing that His will is the only will we seek, even in this most traumatic part of our lives. Chrissy is not in this alone, we as a family, me as her husband; are with her 10,000% day in and day out. Her health, her comfort, her needs take top priority, no matter how many years it takes to get her back to 100%. Our Lord gives all of us the strength to get through each day, each night, each treatment and every hospital stay. Please if you are struggling, turn it over to our Lord and trust in Him like never before; and as you do that accept whatever the outcome will be. Because you can see that the outcome that is in God's will, is the one you really desire. Patience and prayer, and community help build tremendous strength.
God is so good.

"Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO

Today we pray the Joyful Mysteries

1. The Annunciation
2. The Visitation
3. The Birth of Jesus
4. The Presentation in The Temple
5. Finding of Jesus in the Temple