Thursday, December 16, 2010

Marriage: Love Is Patient

Beads of Joy 12-16-10
Marriage: Love Is Patient
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Let us look at "Marriage" for a moment. How serious were you when you spoke your vows before your spouse and God? and Do we remain loyal to one another when we are experiencing some extremely serious challenges? Did you ever hear about taking the "Love Dare"? It is from the movie, "Fireproof". Over the next couple weeks from time to time I will reflect on different aspects of marriage, mine, yours, ours, theirs, every bodies. LOL. Ok, maybe not, yours, ours and theirs, but definitely mine. LOL. We all have problems and issues, or we wouldn't be human; but how we handle them make the difference. Think about marriage, here are two people from two different family backgrounds, with different ways, different attitudes, many times different beliefs, and thoughts in general about things. When we marry, we merge the two into one home, onto one dining room table, and into each others day in and day out living. Think of it like joining together dynamite with fire: Maybe if you're lucky it won't explode at all, but chances are if the fire gets hot enough it will. LOL. Not that you have to yell or scream, but the awareness of the potential explosion is there. That's why a marriage needs Jesus in it, alive and part of it every single day.

Let's take a gander at "Love is Patient". Honestly love has to be beyond patient all the time. But we all know, no matter what we have experienced in this life; Love works, period. Chrissy is a good, hard working, caring woman. I love it when a woman is strong and independent, that is so hot (wink wink my love). LOL.. ok, cool down Jimmy. LOL. wow... All is good, I am ok. LOL. I just never felt my own strength if the woman I am with is so weak and frail. I feel strongest when she is strong. That's hard to explain, but I just know so many of you understand that. She is my forever love, till death do us part. Hopefully never..

How do we become patient if we aren't already patient with our spouse? Like with my love for my Lord, it is ecstatic and thrilled with an endless Joy; so to, must the relationship we have with the one we love. Here's a thought, and many of you who already think I am a bit weird and crazy, will now have something to verify it with. LOL. But, I don't think it's just me thinking like this, but in a marriage you need to incorporate; comedy, fun hilarious times, and a Joy for a shared faith and a deep love for music (love songs, and songs about love), actually all songs that are fun to sing to. See, I was right, now you must think I am even stranger than you originally thought. But hey that formula works for us. Music wonderfully solidifies a relationship. It's fun and sometimes the words help you express your love.. Does that make sense? I understand what I am trying to say, I'm not sure if everyone is understanding it. I try my best not to write in gibberish, LOL. But with me being strange, weird and all drugged up on the Holy Spirit; one never knows what I am going to type. LOL

My reflection to all this is, just allow the love you have in your heart to inspire you to love even more, and in that have tremendous patience in all things for each other. Never resort to anger or allow any sort of a temper to ever be part of your relationship. Repaying anger with anger is not the answer. I do realize some situations involving kids and safety will require common sense in accord to the situation. When I speak, I speak generally and mostly because we have never had those types of experiences, so I really have no clue what that is like to deal with that. If you are experiencing that, then prayer is a wonderful place to start, and then reach out to others for support to help you keep your wit through it all. Law enforcement when necessary. If you ever feel a need to reach out and a strong solid respectful shoulder to lean on, I am here. Praying for you and here to chat if you'd like. Yes, those are open statements to all. God is good to me, for allowing me to be there for you. Praise Jesus and in that love is patient, be patient with God; His will isn't always made for us to understand, with patience and confidence and trust, His will becomes apparent. Always praying for all of you. PS. I love you so much Christine !!

"Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO

Today we pray the Luminous Mysteries
1. Baptism of Jesus2. Wedding at Cana3. Proclamation of the Kingdom4. The Transfiguration5. Institution of the Holy Eucharist