Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hope - In Gods Abundance

BEADS OF JOY 12-05-12
“Hope – In God’s Abundance”
©2012 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,
The miracles keep coming, today we read about a miracle that blesses thousands, sharing in the Hope found in God’s abundance. I wonder, hmmm… Whenever you take a journey for a couple of days, a journey that you know will keep you away from your home or any place to get a drink or a snack, or a meal; would you pack a cooler or something? Well in today’s gospel we learn that 4,000 people didn’t plan for such a journey and Jesus was unwilling to just send them away hungry. He was concerned that in the journey home they might faint along the way. Jesus took what little they had and He multiplied it to satisfy and encourage thousands. Today’s miracle can be found in Matthew 15:29-37 (The Healing of Many / Feeding of The 4,000). After you read this scripture, I think of one question, ok two questions, to ask to further show how generous God’s abundance really is.
I wonder: What amount of food satisfies your hunger pangs after 3 days of traveling on foot? That question comes to me from reading verse 37 in today’s gospel, “And they all ate and were satisfied; and they took up seven baskets full of the broken pieces left over.” This question even furthers these thoughts to the next question: How much food does it take to feed and satisfy 4,000 people and still have left overs? I don’t know how many of you have had crowds over your home for a BBQ or a holiday celebration. It sure takes a lot of food to satisfy 20-30 or more people, you always Hope you have enough food, I can’t even imagine what amount of food (bread and fish) it would take to feed and satisfy 4,000 people. WOW. I write the number 4,000 out in numbers, because I think seeing the huge number is more powerful an impact then just reading it in words.
Jesus’ love and compassion for the crowd (for us) is incredible, but very expected, at least by me and I would guess by all of us. The disciples themselves hadn’t a clue what to do, they couldn’t see beyond themselves and their own ability to help the crowd. Jesus knew that even with just a little, even a very little amongst so many, is more than enough for Him to bless everyone.
Jesus really loves all of us, and meeting our needs is just as important to Him as it is to us… this miracle shows us that.

Jesus, I Trust in You.”

Your Brother in Christ Jesus
and His Most Precious Mother Mary,
Jimmy (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS