Friday, December 7, 2012

Hope - In His Mercy

BEADS OF JOY 12-07-12 “Hope – In His Mercy”
©2012 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,
Today we look at yet another fantastic miracle of healing. Like the clay was molded and blessed through God’s hand in creation; Jesus touched the eyes of those blind and healed them. Today’s gospel healing can be found in Matthew 9:27-31 (The Healing of the Two Blind Men). These two men cried out to Jesus in HOPE of His mercy and His healing. Without hesitation Jesus entered into their home and spoke to them and healed them. Do you recognize God’s power and mercy, even before the healing? In our HOPE and trust in Him, let us keep our eyes open to His healing power. It is Jesus who restores us; both physically in the functions of our body, and spiritually in the focus of our Spirit.
As the blind-spots in our lives cover up our view of God’s healing power, we must call after Him and beg Him to open our eyes- our Spiritual eyes. Yes we may see Him, but without knowing Him- who He is and why He is here; we may be blinded by our lack of knowledge. In His compassion for us, it is obvious in many of our lives that our Lord blesses our lives in so many ways. Through our faith and with the help of the Holy Spirit we will see Him, more and more clearly as we get to know Him.
God wants us to draw ever so close to Him, to see Him. Living a life in the HOPE that we do that and that makes for an exciting life filled with Jesus. Consider the life these two blind men lived, in utter darkness; thinking about and waiting for Jesus. And when Jesus was near, even without seeing Him, they were seeking His Mercy and His Healing, and their HOPE in His loving power to Heal was very real for these two men. They knew that it was only through Jesus that they would be healed, and through their lives they must have been listening and waiting for Him; just knowing that through their faith, they’d know the right time to cry out for Him, even though they couldn’t visual see Him. That’s the kind of faith we should all be living every day. Does that make sense? We should live our faith filled life like these two blind men did.
Jesus, I Trust in You.”

Your Brother in Christ Jesus
and His Most Precious Mother Mary,
Jimmy (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS