Friday, December 14, 2012

Prepare - For Resistance

BEADS OF JOY 12-14-12
“PREPARE – For Resistance“
©2012 James Dacey, Jr. OFS

My Friends,

Are you teachable and receptive to our Lord’s teachings? Does the life you live help you; better PREPARE yourself to hear our Lord’s message more clearly? It is always the humble at heart that easily finds and hears and knows Jesus, when we seek Him. It is humility that plays a significant role in our life’s journey leading to our Lord. So when we PREPARE, let us keep all these things in mind. We will be called names; people will make up stories to try to discredit us, and make us appear horrible. Let not our hearts be troubled; by the foolishness of fools. Stay strong in your faith and live with your shield locked in the upward position. <Smile> what does that mean? Jesus died for us, saving us, to protect us from the depths of hell; so that we might be united with Him. He is our shield; He is the one who will always deflect the abuse and hateful words against us. PREPARE for the treasures in Heaven that far exceed all things combined here on earth.

Today’s gospel is in Matthew 11:16-19 (Jesus’ Testimony to John). It is usually jealousy that leads to vengeance against another. Sad by most times that is so true. The Pharisees hated John, yet John never stopped nor ceased in his efforts to warn others to PREPARE the way of the Lord. We must truly remain humble at heart, never allowing jealousy or wasteful desire for worldly things; including titles in our name, letters at the end of name representing some place we went for worldly education or anything that takes our attention away from Jesus.

Insightful reflection about this short gospel reading where verses 18-19 share of a very little known parable. "The Parable of the Children's Game"

I invite you to look back on this earlier blog. Thank you.

Jesus, I Trust in You.”

Your Brother in Christ Jesus
and His Most Precious Mother Mary,
Jimmy (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr OFS