Saturday, April 24, 2010

Helen Cashara (my aunt)

Beads of Joy 04-24-10

Dedication Days - Helen Cashara (my aunt)
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Dedication Days
Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce everyone to one of my many favorite aunts. I have been blessed with so many awesome souls in my entire family. But there's one super special thing about my Aunt Helen that I adore, bet y'all couldn't guess what the Rosary man adores about Aunt Helen. Ok, you guessed it, she is an adorer and devout daily soul of the Most Holy Rosary, just like me, but much longer than I have been. She is my Grandma's sister, the who I have blogged a dedication to a week or so ago (Susan and Vincent DePete). The sister my Grandma told me was very special to her. Aunt Helen and my Grandma both played very important roles in my Marian life. Aunt Helen is also my mom's God-Mother. She is a very special Aunt in our family and in my life. My love for her and her saint of a husband Chappy is endless. I have always admired her faith. She is a beacon of faith that is unshakable up in the Catskills, she's always spiritually strong, yet gentle in what she believes; she is always always always, did I say always GIVING of herself and whatever she has to comfort others. When you visited her it was red carpet for everyone.

Growing up we use to spend lots of time at my Aunt Helen and Uncle Chappy's house up in the Catskills. They have three incredible kids, my cousins (Joey, Anthony and Maryanne), Maryanne and Danny Richardson's kids are friends of mine here on Facebook. Growing up everyone was into music: piano, saxophone, trumpet (Joey and Anthony use to have a band, Joey even made a record back then, yes I said a record, remember what that was). And we use to go to the County Fairs and other events in the area, I remember kite flying, apple picking. But the best part that I remember the most, was going to Mass early Sunday morning with all of us (I think it was St Joseph), at their little, friendly, very spiritually friendly church, that was just around the block from their house. I was a kid, this was many years before my 1983 born again experience. I knew I always loved Jesus and our Blessed Mother, I think it's because of my family around who always did.

Please take some time to do like I am. Honor those you love and want so much to share with your brothers and sisters in the Lord. Everyone's life should be celebrated in this way. Jesus has blessed all of us with some really special people, people (family and friends) who have been placed in our life for a purpose. Some plant seeds, some live by example, some take us along, some come along with us. The opportunities for us to share Jesus are endless, we get to learn what was special to us from the prior generation; so we share it with the next generation.

If you are reading this Aunt Helen, you mean the world to me. You are such a blessed special sister/aunt in the Lord to me. Your devotion to Our Lord and Our Lady have been forever ingrained in my heart, just like your older sister Susie (my grandma). And know that you are such a blessing to our entire family, you and your hubby are always praised for your faith. You have set a most faithful example for many generations to follow and learn from. I pray that other families have a special person like you to look up to, to follow and to be like.

Today I salute you: AUNT HELEN
My dear precious Aunt of the Rosary.
You are always in my heart and always in my prayers.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO