Monday, April 5, 2010

Mon - Identify Your Values

Beads of Joy 04-05-10

Mon - Identify Your Values
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Series I - The Call
Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, I am a Secular Franciscan. My life is not perfect, but by dedicating my life to live one that has a full reflection of Jesus and the gospel; I can share His love with everyone. My commitment is voluntary, my vows aren't written in stone; rather they are written in my heart. I only seek to serve my Lord, that is my own personal goal in this life; all worldly honor, pride or success have no value to me or for eternity. God created us to love Him, serve Him, and to honor Him. There is no place in God's plan for selfishness and empty conceit. I'll tell you this, living a life reflecting the gospels; can be compelling, and the perspective we share can be very helpful to others who desire to give their life to Jesus also. This weeks blog does reflect the Call to join the Secular Franciscans; but also look at it as a tool to help you better understand your true call to God in your own personal capacity. We all are not called to serve God by the same means. Each of us has a special gift. Through prayer, meditation and the power of the Holy Spirit, your heart and soul be guided. Don't always speak, listen.

Today we begin a new series sharing the JOY and the road one can take to become a Secular Franciscan. These writings aren't going to be in to all the specifics to that, rather I will touch on key aspects; and share my experiences, my love, and my reasons for being a Secular Franciscan. This is (Series I - The Call). In the weeks following but not necessarily in order, there will be (Series II - The Journey and Series III -- The Devotion). These are not following any book or format issued by the SFO, instead it's me sharing how my life has changed and I have grown, out of my journals. Today we look at The call and we Identify Our Values. The "values" in all things that we be still inside us, usually hold an attitude and a perspective on how we look at things. But know that we can freely chose the values we embrace. Values can't really be accidental, they are usually purposely even deliberately adopted by us. We tend to usually hold a high value on our own values. And time to time people refine and perfect that which they place value on. I hope that made sense.

This journey we go through we call life; can be boring, angry, happy, joyful, and even lonely; and it can actually be all those emotions combined and more. So many of us including myself know first hand that life does not always deal you the perfect hand. Sometimes we have to embrace the trials and the suffering in order to defeat them. The road we chose is to be of our own choice. And sometimes those choices almost force certain values that match up with road we chose. We need to pray to Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit and ask for guidance. I never thought to be on the road I am on today in my life, especially when I look back; all the way in 1983 when this wonderful journey with my Lord and our Lady began. It was back in 1983 that I wanted to be a priest (so I thought), and I was seriously looking into it. I prayed for almost a year, and I constantly felt my heart tug at the ministry of being a dad and a husband. My dad gave me thee most wonderful example to see first hand; and it was the ministry he had as a dad and husband that did indeed have such incredible value. I seriously believe this is the direction my Lord wanted me to go. Nothing is perfect and challenges, hurts, and outcomes expected are unknown. But in whatever the future holds I shall remain in prayer and do my best to stay true to my ministry.

Now let's look at these questions and reflections. I even suggest you write each of these on the top of a clean sheet and really evaluate them honestly with yourself. It'll help you get your life in order in my own opinion, this is a method I like. Really have fun with this:

Let's Help Identify Your Values
-What is it in my life that I get so much enthusiasm from?
-What is it in my day that consumes most of my energy?
-What is it if I could do it for a living, I'd prefer doing it for free?
-What is it that I enjoy most about my relationship with Jesus?
-What is it in my life that motivates me, in making my choices?
-What it is in my day that I prefer to use my free time for?
-What it is in my life that are my dreams?

I pray that this new series I have laid out, helps the average person who is trying to understand the road they are on, is in the will of God. Even though we'll probably never really know first hand what God's exact will might be for us. I think it would be fair to say that through prayer, meditation and the help of some really Godly friends, you will know in your heart and soul the direction that you will best serve Him.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO