Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Spirit - New Life In You

Beads of Joy 04-27-10

The Spirit - New Life In You
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Life In The Spirit 2/5
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Tuesday; Day 2 in our Life of the Spirit series. Let us move on and further our knowledge in the New Life that is within us that the Spirit is bringing to life. This is such an exciting topic, I think we could easily spend weeks talking about this, and we probably still would be only scratching the surface. The Holy Spirit that we have been given is essentially a "piece of" or a "part of" God. It is one part of the "holy trinity" and that one part resides inside us. I get goosebumps just thinking how incredibly powerful and loving that is. God's love for us is so tremendous that not only did He sacrifice His only Son; but going even one step further, He has instilled, and He has entrusted, inside each of us, a piece of Himself. Let me share with you a very insightful part of our Catechism. This is so exciting to share, so hold on; this is going to be a light speed experience of JOY. One that you will cherish all of your life. "The mission of the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father in the name of the Son (John 14:26) and by the Son "from the Father" (John 15:26), reveals that, with them, the Spirit is one and the same God. "With the Father and the Son he is worshiped and glorified" (Nicene Creed)." CCC#263 Now do you see how exciting this is. I am at that point once again, the point that I tend to get to most everyday, where the Joy inside my heart and soul are constantly overflowing; leading us through a week of some pretty exciting information to share.

I am far from done sharing the treasures and gifts we find in our Catechism. This New Life within us, needs to be fed God's love, and God's word. Just open your heart and soul, and trust in God who loves you. No one else in the world will ever love you like He does. By His grace our Spirit is wiped clean of all offenses towards Him in confession; and by that same Spirit He brings to life inside us His Son. I can't it hold back anymore I have to share this, "Now this is the Catholic faith: We worship one God in the Trinity and the Trinity in unity, without either confusing the persons or dividing the substance; for the person of the Father is one, the Son's is another, the Holy Spirit's another; but the Godhead of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is one, their glory equal, their majesty co-eternal" CCC#266, you see why I have to share all this. Ok one more for now, "Inseparable in what they are, the divine persons are also inseparable in what they do. But within the single divine operation each shows forth what is proper to him in the Trinity, especially in the divine missions of the Son's Incarnation and the gift of the Holy Spirit." CCC#267

We have been so blessed with scripture and the Catechism. Both compliment and reflect one another. Obviously scripture is the inspired word of God, nothing shall be placed above it; but also note that the Catechism has been assembled in such a way that scripture in thee central focus of its foundation, and in the way it has been written it helps us to even more clearly understand scripture. I highly recommend spending some time in the Catechism. The one thing I enjoy so much is how most of the footnotes send you back to scripture. It has become a very exciting part of my own personal bible study, and actually a very exciting part of my daily walk with Jesus. Now you see why I am so excited about our faith all the time. We have inside us, a most precious part of the holy trinity, one that will guide us and help us along the way as we embrace Jesus, and will be there to help us deal with all the challenges we will experience because of doing so. Allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen you in your walk with Jesus.

Back in 1983, my heart did not have any desire or love for God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Our Blessed Mother, or anyone else in scripture. I never hated them, I just never saw them as of any importance; I never ever thought anything about my religion, would ever have any effect upon my life. Was I ever wrong about that. Back then I considered myself an atheist, not a practicing one, if there is such a thing. But just a person who didn't believe a God could possibly exist in a world full of anger and hunger. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to work inside of us freely. We need to be open to the direction and the choices the Holy Spirit leads us to. Sometimes we won't clearly understand things, sometimes we won't even know how it all came together. But we must trust in God and how truly real the love He has for us is. I challenge everyone of you, to pray that the Holy Spirit inside you, comes alive and helps direct you ever so much closer to Jesus. Your life will never ever be the same ever again. I truly love all of you. We are all God's children, let us embrace one another and help one another get closer to God our Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit that resides in us.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO