Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sarah Ann - My Pickles

Beads of Joy 04-17-10

Dedication Days - Sarah Ann, My Pickles
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Dedication Days
Hello Everyone,

This young lady don't always need an introduction; most everybody who knows me know my daughter Sarah Ann. I was originally going to honor my immediate family a little later into these Dedication Days. But after these past few days of listening to a very powerful dads and daughter talks on Focus on The Family, I knew the time for Sarah was now. Obviously as stated, she is my daughter, my only daughter who is amongst and directly in the center of four brothers. Yes Sarah has her hands full indeed, and Yes as you guessed she is daddies little girl. I am wrapped around her little pinkie and a her bright smile. Back when Sarah was born on 12/14/92, Chrissy and I were both in glory to see a little girl appear on the scene after already having two sons. Not too much long after Sarah Ann's birth I gave a very special name, a name to this day I still call her. Sarah Ann is my "Pickles", and for the most part, no one really ever asked how I came up with that. But lately she and others have been curious. So here is the shorty to the long version. Sarah is very special to me, so I wanted her to understand my insanity in ways I think best, with my stomach. LOL. You can stop laughing now. Ok, see on a hamburger (vege burger for me) what's the best part of it? The Pickles of cause. All hamburgers are the same, until you add the pickles, and then WHAM, the sandwich becomes very special. To me.. LOL

Sometimes I think, she thinks, she doesn't get all the attention, I think that she thinks she deserves. (Wow, I almost couldn't follow that myself. lol). But, on the contrary I think sometimes she gets way more than everyone else in our house and in our family. Back when she was a toddler and we were living in the center of the town of Milford. She was in preschool and her brothers were in Delaware Valley Elementary School. Well because of Sarah's very long (never cut) very bleach blond beautiful hair; everyone in Milford, and Delaware Valley School knew Sarah. No matter where we went, we'd hear kids yell, "Hello SARAH DACEY", and did she ever eat up all that attention, what a ham she can be. Of cause another quality Sarah has, is a super special one that is one of being extremely out going. She takes after me. She initiates friendships and strangers (those who aren't her friends yet) like I do; she usually gives a hardy "hello" of "hi" and it's always accompanied by a huge, very happy smile. Her smiles are contagious. And what's really cool, is that they are even contagious back to her. If she gets mad, and who would ever think a 17 year old girl in a house of four brothers could ever get mad. LOL. Well my secret weapon to help break down that wall is, smile and smile and smile at her. Eventually she says "stop" in a laughing voice and, then all of a sudden she is smiling, and then I usually get a hug. Very cool. It's my secret weapon to help break her from an angry stressful moment, to a happy go lucky one. Please don't tell her.

I'm not done yet, so much to share, so much to tell everyone. Just a quick note about her grades. Incredible !! In the past when she was younger, she had some challenges in reading and math. So we got her involved with some programs to assist her and at home Chrissy and I helped her with her reading and math skills one on one every night. She wasn't happy doing all this school work beyond her usual homework, so she'd give us a hard time. But she did what we asked. And in time she became very smart. A true quality that she has worked very hard for and achieved indeed. Now her grades shine, and it sometimes appears that she doesn't even have to study as much and as hard as she use to. But from time to time she'd tell everyone, "I'm going up to my room to study for a test I have tomorrow." That way no one would bother her. And the next day or two she'd be telling me, "Daddy I got a 95" or something to that effect. I am so proud of her being so super smart, and having the smarts to be so concerned about doing well in school, all Sarah's teachers love her. They always have thee best comments about her friendly, helpful attitude in class. And now Sarah often helps her two youngest brothers with their homework's from time to time.

Now here's a special blessed quality that I know our Blessed Mother and our Dear Lord receive full credit for. Sarah loves Jesus so very much. She isn't all rah rah rah, get on the blog train like her daddy yet . I am trying to encourage her writing ability, she is really good at her creative writing skills, maybe one day she'll have a blog to share. But me and Fr. Mullally see her devout faithful ways every Sunday. I sometimes really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit around her when I see her praying at Mass. And I can see she is getting like me, Sarah really knows the Mass and she follows it well; and she participates fully singing and praying. I feel so blessed that I have such a beautiful precious young lady worshiping with me every Sunday. I am so proud of her, and I love her so much. No matter what she ever does, any challenges or bad decisions she ever makes, I shall always love her, comfort her and take care of her. She's my little girl, she'll always be precious in my eye, till the day I die, period. On a laughable note: I told her, "In another 35 years when you go on your first date, I'll have to do a background check and a full DNA test on this guy. Then after a full years of investigation we'll vote on whether or not you guys can go out." LOL. She's like, WHAT !!!!. Just kidding, but nobody better hurt her, or I will be there worst nightmare, and that's putting it very mild and Christian like. LOL, but meeting a nice Christian boy at St. Patrick's now that's what I'm talking about.

Today I salute you: SARAH ANN DACEY
My dear precious Pickles !!!!

Unconditional Love To All that I love !!!!

I love you with all my heart.
And Yes I love your brothers just as much as I love you.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO