Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thurs - Living The Gospel

Beads of Joy 04-08-10

Thurs - Living The Gospel
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Series I - The Call
Hello Everyone,

This is the foundation of what it means to be a Secular Franciscan: Living The Gospel. We can simply read the bible and be moved by what we read; or rather we can read and then incorporate that teaching into how we live our lives. Our lives must bring to life the very words and teachings of Jesus. Who is Jesus the person to us? Do we see that side of Him? Do we know that He experienced many of the things we experience in His everyday life while He walked the earth? In order for us to think about these things; let us ponder on: What does the gospel intend for us in general? By looking at this, we may have a lot more insight as to what we can do in our lives to reach into the word of God; and insert it into our hearts, and then through our love with our hands, outstretch them to others to share Jesus. See how sometimes the Holy Spirit just takes over when I am typing. That all came out of my heart and soul, just pondering on Jesus' love for us.

Everyone can bring the gospel to life to all around us. Long before I became a Secular Franciscan that's what I was doing. And honestly initially I never realized I was. It was my good friend and spiritual brother Al Picogna, who is also a fellow Franciscan who after meeting me, asked me to write out why I wanted to become a Secular Franciscan. I don't have that writing in front of me right now. But I can tell you I shared my spiritual life, my prayer life and all about why I have this ministry. Through it I offer Jesus to everyone. I seek nothing in return. Sure if this ends up opening opportunities to help lead me into a writing and speaking life all devoted to Jesus, so be it. If it is in His Will, then it'll be; and it won't be by my doing, it'll be by His. I want Jesus to really use me, to help further His joy to everyone. Jesus Christ must be thee absolute center of your every thought, your every breathe. We must all live in such a way that is pleasing to Him. One day God will ask all of us. "Why is it that 400 million of my children died hungry? Why did you not feed them?" And many will say, Lord, they are not my children. And God will respond, "No, they are mine." Then what.

I believe in all that Jesus has taught us, the biggest most impressionable part was, that we must share Him with everyone. Think of Jesus as your spouse, or your child or an aunt or an uncle, grandparent, or a dear friend. In other words, think of Jesus like you would someone in your life that you utterly adore, love and would die for in a second. Seriously think of Jesus that way. He must be so real in your life that you have Him in your address book at home and His number is on the frequent caller redial button. Ok, maybe the reality is easier, after all we don't need a phone to call on Him. Bringing the gospel to life, and living it in our everyday lives involves making Jesus a very real part of everything we do, everywhere we go and everything we think of. He must be ever present with us. And believe me that's the easy part. Once He has become so real that you consider Him part of the family; now everything you do needs to revolve around Him, this is the difficult part. Everything we think, and do, and see, and plan, and have secret agendas for are before Him. Nothing can be hidden from Him, inside or out.

So many things in this life put an impression upon us, in other words they influence us. Why not by choice, take the bible and make it your central focus in making what you read come to life into who you are. Even if you have trouble memorizing exact scripture, learn it and know it well enough, so that when something comes up, you can kinda quote it. In time you will develop good habits. The gospel needs to flow through your veins, so that ever fiber of your being knows what and where your life will best serve Him. Jesus is the gospel, He is the one who has come to die for us to save us. Let us fidn Him in the gospel everyday, reeve up that excitement of learning more about Him, and then share Him with that Joy with everyone you meet. I really hope thisgives you a little more insight as to what Living The Gospel is all about, and how you to can do the same in your own life.

Because He Lives - I Can Face Tomorrow
Because He Lives - All Fear Is Gone
Because I Know He Holds The Future
And Life Is Worth The Living - Just Because He Lives

This song is on the brain all night long, PRAISE JESUS !!!

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO