Monday, July 5, 2010

Glorious - Daily Walk 1/5

Beads of Joy 07-05-10

The Glorious - Daily Walk 1/5
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Glorious Walk - 1/5
Hello Everyone,

Today we begin a whole new journey, let us see how the Glorious Mysteries have a certain special way of touching our lives. The first Glorious Mystery - The Resurrection. A truly most spectacular mystery we celebrate at the top of our lungs and on our feet. Praise Jesus, He has risen. We can see in scripture how Mary, John and a couple of others stayed at the foot of Jesus' cross as He died. Many weren't fully convinced yet of His soon to be resurrection. We know His Mother stayed there and held Him when He was brought down from the cross. I think it would be correct to say that Mary knew at the time of His death, that this wasn't over yet; in fact it is just beginning. Just think of the relationship of a mother and her son. There is a very special bond, one of trust, love and shared knowledge that can be endless, and unique to those two. Yes a man has a wonderful solid relationship with his dad, but it's on a man to man bases that is uniquely solid; in that a young man looks up to His dad to be like His dad. A wonderful example of being a good husband and a good father, and friend.

So today's reflection on this most joyful, glorious mystery will be the joy and celebration of a healing. We can all most certainly relate to this. Many of us either know or know of someone suffering horribly with a disease, cancer, or some illness that is really beating up that person. We also know of many people who have illnesses that come and go; bronchitis, flu, virus, etc. In both of these situations a healing is possible, in the latter of them those sicknesses are most certainly heal-able. The prior ones are up in the air, but on many occasions we know, or know of people who have beat the odds and were healed from a horrible illness when indeed they may have even been on their death bed. God's will for each of us, to some degree is unknown; but I believe instilled in each of us, is the direction at minimal that our Lord is sending us; and then along the way, little by little we are given signs and insights to keep us on track.

Back to that special relationship between a mother and her son. Look at how close Jesus and Mary were. We can see how the Holy Spirit was such an incredible part of their relationship. Jesus knew His mission, He knew why He was here. He knew that He had to die in order to save the world for all the sins we have committed. And we knew that Mary would be there with Him and for Him through it all. We can confidently say that Mary's involvement and direct contact with Jesus must have been tremendous. I think it would be safe to say that Mary didn't belong to the PTA, I'm pretty she go to a tanning salon everyday. And chances are she didn't belong to a bowling team. LOL. Not there is anything wrong with any of those activities, but considering the time in history all this took place, family time together was on top of the list.

Let us consider the relationships we have, and the support networks that we have in our families and in our friendships. Just amongst us (facebook, myspace and friends in general) look how entwined in prayer and concern and desire to help one another alone we are. This is a wonderful time for a celebration amongst our friends indeed. I feel so blessed that so many of us are now even closer to each other, more than ever before, and it has been the result mostly of two factors. One being there for the illness of one of our own from many of our families, and two a common bond and love for Jesus that has most certainly bonded all us in ways the world will never ever understand. Let us take this time to further solidify what friendships we have, and in that let us not forget all our family members, our extended family of cousins and aunts and uncles. Try to take the time to reconnect; say hello; drop a note that you were thinking of them, praying for them. Rebuild those relationships that may seem like they have gone stale. Let us be the ones to make the first move and step closer. Have fun. And if you are unsure, just pray: "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO