Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Lord and My God

Beads of Joy 07-03-10

My Lord and My God
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

How many of us are like Thomas in today's gospel? Do we have our doubts? Maybe unspoken doubts about Jesus, unless we are asked if you believe, those doubts can never be revealed unless you are compelled to share them. i know many of us doubts about a lot of things, or many of us try to put human limits on God's miracles. Back when me and my dad were in business together, my secretary (yes I had a secretary. lol), well she was a believer and she knew how crazy a believer I was. I use to be referred to as a "Jesus Freak" at times back then from many of my friends. Everything about my office, my desk, my car, my pickup truck, my tow-truck, had something about Jesus in them or on them. My conference room was a "Rosary Makers Factory". To this day, none of that has changed. Anyway back to this interesting interpretation she use to give. We had bibles everywhere in my office, and she enjoyed reading the bible. Once in a while we'd talk about the power of God, the miracles of Jesus, and how incredible the Rosary is. Well she didn't believe in the power of the Rosary, but wasn't ever negative about it either. But when it came to the miracles Jesus performed and that Moses did. She was like, "Come on do you really believe that?" She said the parting of the sea, "was a low spot in the river that was easily crossed."??? and then she said when Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish, "He shared only fragmented pieces." She said, "It's impossible to believe otherwise." I argued endlessly with her, calmly and tried so hard explaining God's power, she just wouldn't believe it.

Is your God a MIGHTY God? or Do you see Him as one who only makes miracles that make human sense? By the way today's gospel is John 20:24-29 (Thomas The Doubter) What does it take to have absolute unshakable faith, that not only believes in God, but also believes in the magnificent might, strength and miracles that only God can do? Why believe in a God that is little, or who shares loaves and passes out small fragments of bread, mere pieces. My God and I know your God, is Almighty and larger than light, stronger than anything we could ever possibly imagine; and His ability to produce miracles are endless and unbelievable by any of our standards. My God created the universe, our earth and everyone and everything we see in our world. Our God heals those hurting, protects those in fear, and touches the hearts of those violently opposed of us.

Do we see the Cross as defeat against Jesus? or Do we see the Cross as defeat against death by Jesus? Only God can defeat that which the world destroys and kills; and turns it into a magnificent eternal miracle.

God's Almighty He is our Lord
His miracles are incredible,
He is the one I trust and believe
For God alone is untouchable.

If your god is small don't expect
To see great things from Him,
But if your GOD is superior and very strong
Then He alone has died for your sin.

This is my challenge for you today. I know many of you have the time to do this. Look around you, at our planet, the stars, the solar system, the oceans. Watch the discovery channel and see how magnificently beautiful the animals are and see everything; just as it is, God's creation. Enjoy everything He has created around you, embrace the unknown, the unexplained, the truly breath-taking beauty we take for granted everyday.


Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO