Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Personally Know God

Beads of Joy 07-14-10

Personally Know God
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

This is truly an exciting day in reflection history. Opps, goofy bone got triggered, hang on a sec while I fix that... OK, I can't fix it. See whenever I really get thrilled and filled with so much joy from a particular bible study, or a gospel reflection or a truth I have been researching, I get a bit giddy inside. Not like pre-teen girl giddy, come on guys cut me some slack. LOL. The excitement I feel inside my heart is so overflowing, so over filled with so much joy, that it's like a firetruck using it's water hose to fill my 12 inch deep 3 foot round pool at full blast. Now do you see what I mean. I know I just lost a whole bunch of you with that crazy example. LOL. What I am trying to say in as many words as possible, LOL, is that this scripture, Matthew 11:25-27 (The Praise of The Father), in three simple verses expresses so much insight to the mind of God, the simplicity of God, the humanity of God, the direct connection we have to God, the absolute essence of our faith and so much more. And that is jam packed in three verses.

So today let us reflect on that super special, very personal, deeply adored relationship that we each have individually with our Lord. Now that was a very empowering sentence indeed. Jesus Christ needs to be so real for us that we recognize that we do have a personal connection with Him. No other person on the face of the earth will ever love us like He does. No other person on the face of the earth will ever pay the price for our sins like He did. Jesus knew us even before we were ever born, He knew well indeed who He was dying for. He knew well indeed that He'd conquer death, so that we can unite with Him in Heaven. He is an all-knowing, all-loving, all-present God who absolutely adores us. We all must give Him that same exact love back, expressing from the depths of our heart, that He means everything to us. Daily prayers, daily praise, always giving Him all the credit for everything we accomplish and everything we fail. We are all in a different stage in life for a reason, there is purpose when you have less. Who do you think runs the fastest, yells the loudest, shows the most excitement? The person carrying a bible and rosary in their hands with a photo of their family, or the person carrying a fifty-three foot trailer of stuff on their back? Rather simple rhetorical question.

Obviously it's the person carrying the lighter load, not focused on virtually any "thing", that person has the time and the ability, without interruption to stay focused on what really matters in this life, Jesus. I don't recall the saint, but it has been said, "If we really knew how real God is, we'd all be saints." The point being that God/Jesus are very real. Embrace that, hold it, cherish it, don't forget it. And now live it everyday of your life. What is the problem with why so many people just don't see it that way? Pride, it's unfortunately as simple as that five letter word. That word involves someone being so entrenched in their own successes and accomplishments and wisdom; that they really don't see God as superior to them, He is a sorta (when "I" you type God). Those people full of personal pride that they are so in love with themselves, and they don't have the time or the room in their lives to love or be loved by some imaginary person we know we can never see. We need to pray for these type of people; there whole world is this life, it's entangled in investments, and real estate, and charity, real charity that reflects God's goodness, dare not exist, because that kind of giving would hurt.

What we all need to do is start spending a lot more time with Jesus, in adoration, at Mass, and in private bible study, and even in silence. We can talk out loud to Him whenever and wherever we feel comfy to do so. I find that when I drive, I can talk with my Lord for hours, and I do. I also find that talking out loud with Him though much of my struggles, all get figured out as I keep offering my burdens to Him. He does lighten the load. Here's a thought I'd like to leave you with:

My Lord - My God

Don't waste the life you have
For time we have no control,
We each are given a special place
But no one knows how old.

Without a bond with our Lord
Something no one can ever undo,
Each day should be embraced
Each prayer should say, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO