Monday, July 19, 2010

Lighten Up - Laugh & Sing

Beads of Joy 07-19-10

Lighten Up - Laugh & Sing
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Yes you did read the title correctly, I think that advise can be useful for all people in all places. Oh my Gosh some of the people in some of our government and state offices should take that advice. Now I am not singling them out, but I think enough is said, just by saying that. LOL. Come on lighten up already. One thing I think we can all agree upon is; you can not go through this life all stuck up with rules, regulations, perfections and total seriousness. If you are then sadly enough when you die, you do not need to be embombed; your bodies insides will already be rock solid, cold and boring. One thing I have learned, is that in order for us to enjoy this life; we don't always need to jump up on the desk and play our air guitar. But I gotta tell you sometimes we have to, and wow does it make you feel incredible. Some people are shaking their heads already saying this guy needs to grow up and be a whole lot more mature, why is he acting so childish. LOL, see even I make fun of me. I couldn't care less what anyone thought about me or question why I am the way I am. I realized a long time ago, that I love life, and that through Jesus I have found that life loves me. If those words sound familiar, you may have heard them sung in the old Scourge movie, a favorite of mine.

Well now that I have so perfectly done that segway into talking about Ebenezer Scourge, I will. He is the perfect example of what we should not be, a stuck up person, knee deep in rules, maturity, hoarding and never sharing, and God forbid you ever see a smile on his face. Please don't ever be like he was, the greatest part of that movie was that he did what he could; to redeem his life and brought as much joy as he possibly could, to all that he could, with the remainder of his life. That should be our lives goal everyday, "To bring as much JOY and LAUGHTER and FUN into as many peoples lives as we possibly can !!" I say that with great conviction myself. Most of you, when I say "most" I really mean the larger percentage of you that really know me, know the kind of crazy, goofy, immature guy I can be. I'm not an idiot, I have intelligence and common sense, and I think I have a pretty good sense of timing so that Joy, Laughter and Fun aren't inserted at the wrong times. I have never taken life so seriously that I get bored. And in fact I always say to my kids when they say they are bored, "I don't want to hear it, your lives are full of fun things and technology that my generation never had to enjoy, there is no excuse for boredom, none."

This little ditty of a blog further expressed WHY I am so happy all the time; WHY I am smiling all the time, and WHY I truly seriously love life. It is the JOY that Jesus has instilled in my heart and soul for Him, for what He has done and for the plans, THE PLANS, yes THE PLANS, He has made for all of us when we pass from this crazy life. COME ON, ENJOY this life, laugh, sing, joke, play goofy songs and crazy videos. Just enjoy the JOYS we have been given. I believe that laughter, is one of God's most special gifts to all of us. Yes there are so many other wonderful splendid gifts, but remember what I said earlier, lighten up. Laughter, makes your belly shake; Laughter makes you cry; Laughter makes it at times where you can't even breathe; Laughter makes it impossible to swallow that last bite because of something so funny just happened before your eyes. I have been at all those places in my own laughter. When I use to work at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, NY with my dear friend Debbie whom I still miss dearly to this day; our main objective every single day was, to have FUN, LAUGHABLE, ridiculously hysterical moments to create and remember. And I will say that some of my happiest, hard belly laughing moments where I couldn't breathe at all, happened there. Wonderful, wonderful memories.

So let's do that in our own way, make life more fun, more memorable, more hysterical. It's easy to do, really it is. I can't see going through any day without either laughing, or making someone else laugh, or really from the bottom of heart bring immeasurable Joy into someone elses life. I have given away many many valuable collects of "things" in my life. I had a HUGE collection of Superman comic books perfectly preserves and each one wrapped, I have no clue what it was even worth, I just gave it away. To me the value was in the happiness and Joy I seen in Nate's face. I also did that with my banjo and all the extras that came with it, John was so thrilled. I gave away countless baseball cards, I use to have so so many of them, I gave them to many kids in our neighborhood in Niagara Falls. The kids were so happy, I had literally hundreds of thousands of brand new Topps baseball cards, I had to share that joy with someone else. I don't say all this for a pat on the back, and I certainly don't say that for any one's approval. The only reward I seek is that which our Lord has for ME and for YOU when we leave this place. I say all this so that YOU are encouraged to do the same for OTHERS in whatever capacity you can, by bringing joy and laughter into another's life; when you give something you treasure to someone else, you to will receive the same precious reward of Joy and Happiness.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO