Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sorrowful - Daily Walk 4/5

Beads of Joy 07-01-10

The Sorrowful - Daily Walk 4/5
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Sorrowful Walk - 4/5
Hello Everyone,

Today is a day we can all relate to, for today we look upon the fourth Sorrowful Mystery - The Carrying of The Cross. A cross, a burden, an addiction, a challenge, something we all face in our life everyday. Something sometimes we have control of, others times we have no control of, either way, still a cross to bear. Let us see how Jesus dealt with His cross, a cross that did eventually crush and kill Him. A cross that he needed help carrying on His journey to Calvary. A cross that weighed the full weight of all the sins of the entire world. A cross that He defeated after it crushed and killed Him. A cross we can never understand how one man could bear, unless we fully understand that that man was indeed God's Son. A cross His blood was shed all over it. A cross that the Son of God died upon. A cross our dear precious Blessed Mother sat at the foot of seeing her Son die upon. A cross they lowered the dead lifeless body from and into His Mothers arms. A cross, truly simply two pieces of wood united by a rope or nails in the center; a binding that unites the two that took the one Son of God. A cross we must each bear in order that we to may unite with Him.

We all bear burdens, some of us share them and beg for help to manage them; while others embrace their crosses with their bloody hands and utter not a word to anyone. Yet that person offers all they have to others suffering, a most precious, selfless way to offer such love and faith to a most Holy God. I know all of us must know of such people. These are the living saints among us. We must pray that all those suffering in silence be embraced and loved dearly by our Lord. That they may eternally rest in the arms of a loving, strong, bold, humble, merciful Lord. Today we need to look at the burdens we bare, see what they have done to us. Are we allowing them to destroy us? Are we gaining strength by the continual weight of them on our shoulders? or Are we losing our balance and falling further into the sins of our life and allowing the trickery of the evil one to destroy us? Are we victims of the crosses we bare, or are we building strength through our faith in Jesus to be victors in the end?

Never stand in judgment against others, saying that their cross is all about themselves and their addictions; when indeed these crosses are the burdens we all suffer on the outside while our spirit within is not the same. Instead of judgment, as God's children let us offer prayer and emotional and spiritual support, helping them become stronger in their own personal fight against the weight of the cross they must endure. It is through our love for one another and our devotion to our Lord, that we all shall overcome the burdens and addictions we find to be the hardest to bare. We were never intended to live this life alone, or without the help of others. God made us not only for us to love Him, but for us to love one another. Love goes beyond the words, and must be seen in the actions, generosity and assistance in helping one another with each others burdens. Some burdens are physical, some are emotional, some are financial, some of unbearable without someones help. No matter, it is a most joyful when you share others burdens and when you receive the help of others while you carry the ones you have.

Today I say, take on the challenge and look away from your own cross, look away from your own burdens, look away from that which has taken and consumed you in your life. And now fully focus on helping someone else, someone you know needs help, in whatever capacity you can help. Maybe it's a hug of reassurance that you are there for them. Maybe it's a smile, and an ear because they need someone to listen to them, someone to understand that they are hurting. Maybe its a family you know you can help in the quiet of the shadows, making their burdens lighter. Maybe it's a dad or a mom who is alone no longer with a spouse; struggling with raising their kids, maybe they need a little help with baby sitting, or shopping, someone to show them that they understand their challenges. Step out in faith, look towards Jesus not them, and ask Him for the words and the gifts of yourself that you can share with them. God will guide your heart, know and trust the direction Jesus will send you to do these things. Pray, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO