Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sin of Avoiding Communion

Beads of Joy 08-11-10

Sin of Avoiding Communion
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Never doubt the power and blessing in receiving Holy Communion. We must not fall into the temptation of avoiding Jesus in Communion. Taking our desire and attention away from Him is too common in today's society. God only desires that we do our best in receiving Him; obviously health issues and other events do present themselves and God knows our heart. But there are those who unfortunately, deliberately stay away and avoid our Lord. We must be wise not to fall into fearing man or the devil. They must not be of any influence in keeping us away from receiving Jesus in Communion. Satan celebrates and rejoices at every moment he can tempt us and keep us away from Jesus. There is absolutely no reason to have any fear of satan or his followers. I know this may be simply written, but not always so easily achieved; but we must pay as little attention to satan's tricks and misdirection as possible. He is a deceiver, who will mislead us and he hates God, therefore he must never allow him to come between us and God.

There are many ways we can come to Jesus and be with Him, receiving Holy Communion is truly one very special way. In communion Jesus not only comes to us in the word for us to hear, or the spirit through others that helps us see Him. In communion Jesus comes to us in the form of bread for us to consume His flesh, helping us to fill our hunger and desire for Him. During this extremely very special union that takes place with Him, we become filled with so much Joy that the world can't understand. Nor will they ever understand unless they come before Him. We can only do all we can to help lead others to Him, if they will not listen or they refuse to listen; do not be so disturbed or upset that you to, drift from Him. Instead go to Mass, receive Him and offer all your prayers up for that special person you so desire to also receive Jesus as you have. My dear brothers and sisters, the Holy Mass is so precious, so special, so incredible; that we have the chance in our lives to spend such a beautiful time with our Lord. We can even do this every single if we so chose.

Frequent communion is a blessing. The graces we receive is so many, no one can ever come up with a true amount. Receiving daily communion will continue to draw you ever so much closer to our Lord. He will keep us alert to our sins, and He will help us stay fully focused on Him. Think about it, if you see someone (say Jesus), every single day, and you receive His body and you Praise His Holy Name, always. Who is the first, the very first, the number person that comes to your mind and heart first? JESUS, JESUS, JESUS of cause. That is the amazing part about keeping Jesus in our lives every single second of every single minute of every single day. Our lives will become magnificent, I really wish, I can really explain my Joy. Sometimes I feel like I'm not saying the right things, so that you to get as excited and all wound up about Jesus like I do.

Let us never avoid Jesus in Communion. Let us do all we can to be ready and prepared to receive Him as often as we possibly can. The opportunities and joys that will fill our souls will be endless and that Joy will never ever leave us. We must be eager in our desire for Him, we need to urn for His presence in our lives and in our hearts. Keep your thoughts of Him alive inside you, never place any other thought before Him. We can be saints in His sight if we prepare for Communion is such a way that He knows our hearts true desire for Him. It would only take one communion in that perfect union with Him that would make us saints. We are so privileged to have such a loving caring Lord, let us prepare ourselves properly before Him, before we receive Him. We need Him, do not allow anything to come between you and Him. Pray always and often, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO