Monday, August 2, 2010

This Ministries Actual Purpose

Beads of Joy 08-02-10
This Ministries Actual Purpose
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO
Hello Everyone,

I chose to write about this only to share the obvious. I don't get asked this very often anymore, but in the past I got asked this a lot. "Why do you have this ministry, what's it's real purpose?" I guess people always feel like there is always an ulterior motive why people do good things for others. I don't know, but that's not at all what this ministry is about. I started this ministry about 5 years ago, and I call it "Praying The Rosary Across America". So why did I begin this ministry? For starters this ministry is about spreading the word about how much Jesus loves us, and how much His Most Blessed Mother loves us. As many of you have read "My Story" you can see plainly that my heart and soul are fully devoted to my Lord and I adore His mother; and it's kind of no secret that my devotion to the Rosary is very important. I feel the Rosary is the perfect prayer, including so many wonderful reflections on our Lord's life that include His mother.

When I gave my heart to my Lord in 1983, it was also then that I began my life’s devotion to the Rosary. I have always known that I would spend my entire life spreading the JOY that the Rosary brings to me and to others when we meditate on the mysteries. The key word is JOY. See I have shared that concept with all of you so much through the years. I have so much JOY in my heart and in my life that I want every single one of you to have the same. My analogy is simple. "Let's say I have a 20oz glass and Jesus is pouring His JOY into my life. Well Jesus just keeps pouring and pouring and pouring and the cup is overflowing endlessly. No matter how many times I empty the cup and share it with everyone everyday over and over again; it is immediately full again. If I gave away ALL my JOY everyday for my entire life, at the end of my life, I would still have enough JOY to last my entire eternity." Now do you see why I am always so happy. I always knew my heart would never be able to love this world more than I love my Lord Jesus or Our Blessed Mother. So early on I committed myself to being open to an opportunity to serve Jesus in a capacity that He desired me to. This ministry is all about Him, I input when necessary and I do all things that I feel the Spirit leads me.

So a couple of years ago I saw the social networks potential and prayed that if this maybe the path I should travel; that Jesus would lead me along the way to share with and inspire others to follow Him. It was most inspiring to me when I drove across country in a big rig, praying my Rosary everyday while I was traveling around the United States. You see that's another exciting fantastic JOY I have engraved in my heart, I got to pray the rosary in 45 states; in parks, in cities and in places I never thought I’d ever be. And that was truly the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me, and that inspired me spiritually and set a spark into building this ministry even more, and never stop building this ministry till the day I die. I got the chance to pray the rosary in places like: The Grand Canyon, in Minneapolis the week after the bridge collapsed, the Nevada desert, Mount Rushmore, and so many other countless places. The photos in my myspace album show many of them. I met people everywhere in places and times one could only imagine; on farms, in the desert, on ranches, I delivered fencing for Homeland Security at the Mexican boarder before all of the politics of what's going on today.

This maybe only the beginning of this ministry, it maybe only the initial phase and it maybe till I can’t do it any longer, when our Lord takes me home. No matter what it is, I can only say that this community (our community) is very special to me and I sincerely pray the rosary for all of you everyday. I have ALL your names written in my bible on the pages. I am very serious about prayer, and praying for each other.

Let me tell you plainly the most important parts of what we are doing:

-Sharing the JOY of the rosary and its mysteries.
-Answering questions about the rosary.
-Leading you to safe webpage’s for prayer and meditations.
-Showing others how a simple life of prayer can be so JOYFUL.
-Doing all I can to share how beautiful Our Blessed Mother is.
-Trying to help all of you experience the kind of JOY that I have in my heart. That overflowing endless JOY.
-Praying for one another and encouraging one another.
-And we want nothing in return.
-And so much more... we have so many wonderful friendships.

This ministry does not want anything from you, nor will it ever; only the chance to share with you how beautiful and magnificent the Rosary can be when it is a part of your life everyday. Wherever our Lord leads us in this ministry always know, it’s always all about Him. He is our Lord and our Savior and I surrender my life to Him fully.

Pray Your Rosary Everyday and also pray these very powerful words: "Jesus, I trust in You"

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO