Monday, August 9, 2010

Vain Hope's Have No Value

Beads of Joy 08-09-10

Vain Hope's Have No Value
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

This week I think many of us need to reflect on some of Life's Temptations. And that will be the general focus of the week. Today we will reflect on the Vain Hope's so many have in the things of this world. Now, most of you who read my blog regularly have really gotten to know me; I am not against success of wealth. I try my best in my life to look at it the way I believe God wants us to look at it. See if we have been blessed with wealth or success and we hoard it to our "ego account" and pat ourselves on the back saying, "Job well done, you are a magnificent genius". Well then I would think it would be fair to say, that God did not intend for the blessing we have been given, to be hoarded and have our pride built from that. God gives and gives and gives, so we can in turn give, see there is a method here. Some of us can't give money or even financial help of any sort to others, even when in our hearts we really want to. So in situations like that, we need to share and give our love, our faith, our excited spirit to others. That's what I do. We are not wealthy, not by any measure of the word. But I know we are multi-bazillions in our faith, love and devotion to our Lord. And honestly I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the entire world. The excitement and JOY that fills my heart and soul, explodes inside me every single minute of every single day. I am all wound up. You heard the song, "Your Love Is My Drug" by Kesha. Well to me "My Lord's Love is My Drug". Just put all your focus on him when you hear that song, and wow, it's a cool song.

I know most of you, really do know much about me. But let's look into the vain hope's so many have fallen victim to in this world. Yes "vain", people we can't take anything with us, nothing, nada, zip. Nothing gets packed into our caskets when they are lowered it into the ground, nothing. What are some of our vain hopes? Money, health, how about our ego (what we want others to think about us), how many of us look at having superiority over others (thinking, I am so smart, they are not) hmmm scary, but sad, I know. But we know there are so many vain things we think of, worry about and spend all of our days focused on. How about our talents and our possessions? Oh my, in the possessions part of this thought, so many people wrap their entire world in their stuff. How sad, what an absolute waste of a life to be so consumed by "stuff". You know stuff includes; house, car, clothes, jewelry, etc. All the things that take you away from Jesus, all the things that will eventually be dust back into the ground. Where should we be spending all our time? Where should our complete focus be? What in this world should be consuming us? And what do I do with all this junk that is taking up my life, my thoughts and keeping me from my Jesus?

There is so much to think about and so many will not have the strength to be bold enough to put Jesus first and only in their lives. I don't think I am unique or rare, in fact I bet there are many others who think like me, to the extent I believe and follow my Lord. Needless to say and I would guess that it's obvious, our complete focus needs to be on Jesus, we need to be so consumed by Him; that we don't have any time to share with the things in this world that hold no eternal significances. Yes we want a nice home for our family: Does it have to be 8,000+ square feet? well I don't think so, but then ego usually drives those choices. And yes, we want to drive a reliable vehicle that safely secures our family, gets us to Mass, and allows us to help others with it: Do we need to spend countless thousands of dollars for the sake of our ego? I say no, there are many humble, very reliable vehicles we can own, and use all that excess cash to help a friend, or an entire family. Do you know how many people are suffering out there? I know we all do. Why is it that people who focus so much on the vain things in life, only want more? Simple answer, I know you know this one. It's because nothing at all in this life can ever fill your heart with so much Joy as Jesus does, nothing. So you need to get more money, a bigger house, more or longer more expensive vacations. You will never be satisfied, never.

Praise Jesus for filling the hearts and minds and souls of so many of us. I can speak for myself and many of you really know me, either from the many hours on the phone, or text or simply chatting with online. Jesus is ALL we need, Jesus fills me with so much Joy, that no matter much I give away and share every single hour of every single day, I have so much more to share. Allow Jesus to take you, to consume you, be so drawn to His love and His mercy and His goodness that you are so satisfied, no matter where you are in this life. And if you have been blessed, please bless someone else, so many people out here are suffering. You know friends, family, neighbors, fellow parishioner's; who are suffering horribly, either financially, or even in the spiritual department. Share your faith, give away the Joy Jesus has given you, everyday. When you do that, Jesus will only keep on giving you more and more and more, because He knows you are going to give it away. Please allow Jesus to consume you, think about and focus on Him always. I love my life, no matter how difficult things get, I look to Him and scream and yell shouts of Joy, so excited and so happy that even in the midst of our suffering He brings a smile to my face by merely thinking about Him. I know you can to. Just pray this simple prayer over and over again, every single day, "Jesus, I trust in You".

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO