Friday, August 6, 2010

Yes, Miracles Do Happen

Beads of Joy 08-06-10

Yes, Miracles Do Happen
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

I just had to write about this today. This is far too exciting not to share it with everyone in a blog. As most everyone already knows, my wife Christine has a very severe life threatening case of lung cancer. Let me back the clock up, to day one, to truly one of this most devastating events in our family. May 6, 2010, Chrissy's doctor determined by way of x-ray that she had a massive growth in or around her left lung, (during a routine physical) and after that diagnosis came to her attention the very next day she began coughing up blood. She continued the blood coughing for about six weeks. We were scared seeing this happen, coughing up blood is a very bad sign, in and of itself, period. So we immediately fell to our knees as a family begging Jesus to heal her. Once Chrissy had gone through the ringer of tests and exams, it was determined that Chrissy had an extremely severe case of lung cancer. It has consumed her entire left lung, and was so expanded that it was pushing her heart hard to the right (which could cause a heart-attack), while pressing on the aorta (the main artery to the brain), and into her back ribs. All of this caused severe discomfort and the diagnosis wasn't good. According to the doctors, this case of cancer has passed all "stages", she was way alreday way advanced. They said if she were in her 60's this would be considered terminal, it was that severe. She'd be lucky to live five years.

Through all this, many many tears have been shed, and many many prayers have been prayed. We have friends all over the world praying for Chrissy. When I say all over the world, I mean (Canada, US, Brazil, Africa, UK, India, Sri Lanka), and so many more. Our ministry is all over this great planet, we are touching many souls with all our prayers. So our focus has been on praying that whatever our Lord's will is; so that it would give praise to our Lord. Chrissy and I talked about her dying and she accepted it, if it were God's will. The doctors have scared us from the start, because of the size and severity of it, so many of the suggestions they gave Chrissy has been really more end of life stuff. "Enjoy every chance you get, as time goes by the quality will lessen.." "When you feel good take advantage of it, it maybe a while before you feel that good again." These statements never sounded like a healing was taking place, but rather an end of life was on its way. So I can't explain in words what it felt like hearing and living this day to day for about two months. But I did tell the doctors while Chrissy was there, "Please don't pull any punches, tell us the truth, it wouldn't be fair to hide anything, no matter how severe." My concern was that Chrissy wouldn't get to do things, go places, and spend way more time with our five kids. I know I scared so many of you, but honestly I was only telling everyone what the doctors were telling me. While talkingto her about this was the only time I broke down in tears talking to Chrissy. I try to remain strong so she stays strong.

Now we can see plainly that Jesus is Lord and no man or doctor can control or make a determination in the life or death of an individual. God desired to heal Chrissy and in these most incredible results a miracle has begun as she begins to heal now. See in the beginning they did a CAT scan to determine the size and what affect it was having inside her body. Well it was massive (doctors words). It was something like 14cm x 10cm, dense and full of fluid, fluid they told us that was tainted with cancer in, protecting the other cancer from the chemo. The massive cancer was pressing against her heart, literally pushing it, and the aorta was also being pressed. Chrissy had back pains, abdominal pains, chest pains, you name it she was suffering. Well here we are only after 2 (two), yes only 2 chemo treatments into this, and they took another CAT scan. God's hand had stepped in and began and speed up the healing process. The doctor called these results in comparison to the start, "Incredible". The mass cancer reduced in size by 30%, PRAISE JESUS, the doctor said a 10% reduction would show progress. 30% was Incredible. Plus, ALL the fluid was completely gone from her lung, and because of such a fantastic reduction in size, it was no longer pressing or pushing on the heart or the aorta.

Always pray, "Jesus, I trust in You." How many times in all my blogs every single day, did I pray that pray. Countless! We must trust in Him, no matter how gloom and doom it looks. On the bottom on this blog is the link to the blog a wrote the Thursday before the results came back. Initially the doctor said the results on a quick overview on an x-ray don't show too much promise. Well I didn't accept that, I kept praying day in and day out. Talk about the Holy Spirit sending me a message of trust. If you didn't read that blog please do. I prayed for a healing, to whatever He so decided would Praise Him and heal her. After fully praying my 20 decade rosary, which I really enjoying praying. I got a message of peace sent to my heart, "You will be shocked in a Joyful trusting way." about Chrissy's healing, and that this healing will lead her into a ministry to minister to others suffering the same gloom and doom cancer she has.

Please pray everyday, to yourself,

over and over again, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO