Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where Is Your Treasure?

Beads of Joy 08-08-10

Where Is Your Treasure?
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

It is the most wonderful day of the week, once again. Today we reflect upon a very insightful gospel. Today we are reading, Luke 12:32-48 (The Vigilant and Faithful Servants). So much to talk about here, but what I'd like to reflect upon is verse 34, "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." What does that really mean to us? Where are our hearts? Do you seriously keep our hearts in check, or do we aimlessly preferably make choices based on selfish requirements? So much to talk about, yes; but even more to think about. This verse reminds me of a long time dear friend of mine; he's not on facebook nor are his kids. But I have know him and his wife Jennifer for many many years. Why is it so many of us put dollar signs and self worth on "people" in order for us to accept them into our circle? I really can not comprehend that, I don't think I ever will be able to.

Here's a situation I witnessed many many years ago. This gentleman is older than me, he has three kids (2 girls, 1 boy). He owns a business, and he spends money "hand over fist". Did you ever hear of that term? It basically means, he just keeps spending on whatever he so desires without any worry about running out. Anyway with all that said, you'll see why I relate this story to verse 34 today; and I will reflect on what we can learn from it. First off I use to be at his house a lot years back. So I witnessed many parent/child conversations and words of advice that were given to the children. Well this one particular time, his oldest daughter was talking about a boy she was interested in going with. His words went like this, "Who is he? What do his parents do for a living? What kind of lifestyle do they live?" I remember this as if it was clearly said right in front of me today. He looked at me for like an "approval". I didn't give him that sign, but later I knew it wasn't for approval. He then said to me, when we were in yard, "You don't approve of what I told my daughter?"

I simply said, "I wouldn't have ever told my daughter that, to me that was bad advice." At the time my daughter Sarah was only a toddler. He wasn't happy I said that, but we have been friends for many many years. So I intrigued him for my belief, verse his financial/status requests. So in respect to it all, he said, "What would you have said?" That's all I wanted, was a friendly door open to share critical information, that could make life for his daughter a happier life. I said look this what I would have said, "Sweetheart who is this boy? Did we ever meet him? How long have you known him? He must be special for you to like him? Maybe we could meet him before you guys go out, we'd love to meet him. How far away do they live?" He was like, "What the hell? Don't you even care about what kind of a family he comes from? You'd let any guy go with your daughter?" My answer was a simple one, one that I thought he would have common sense to have told his daughter. I said, "Yes I care about what kind of a family he is from; no my daughter isn't going to just go out with anybody? and I don't care what his parents do for a living. Are you telling me if your daughter falls in love with a carpenter or store manager, you don't care what she feels about someone?"

My reflection: What if God were to say to His Son, "Do not bring anyone to me who doesn't already believe, I am not interested in anyone with baggage or sin, I only want the good people." See how the treasure this friend of mine was seeking had to meet his criteria. Eliminating good people, people his daughter might seriously fall in love with. He based his choices on her decision to be one of financial choice; he had no concern about her, only himself. I thought his advice was selfish, and he was setting up his daughter to basically fall. Yes maybe just maybe she may find true love in a checkbook, but then maybe not. Maybe he would have been just as spoiled as she was and the mixed together create many future problems. Mostly because both would be focused on their wallet, not their hearts. How sad is the parent who says, "Date up" or "Make sure he is successful." Whatever happen to just falling in love, and to allow it to happen naturally? Do you value your treasures so much, that your choices are based on those treasures? If you treasure Jesus, your choices will be that of the Lord's, not yours.

Simply pray for direction, "Jesus, I trust in You"

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO