Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Letter To My Accuser

Beads of Joy 08-31-10

Letter To My Accuser
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

This is just a continuation from yesterday's thoughts. After writing yesterday's blog, the response was overwhelming, in a good joyful way from our readers. Thank you all for really taking the time to read all that I share. So today I thought I'd flip flop it around and write a letter to the person who put seeds of hurt into my kids head. I just thank God my kids love me enough and respect me enough, and truly know me well enough; that they can't be brain washed into believing what this person had to say about the dad they really love. Today before I sat down and wrote this, I prayed my rosary, offering it up for this person. I begged Jesus to touch their heart with His love and His Joy. I mean no harm to them, and since I have forgiven them, it is all behind me now. At the end of today's blog this topic will end. But I do know they are a daily reader of my blog. What a perfect way to say what I have to say without pointing any fingers to disgrace at them. God is certainly a good God.

My Dear Accuser,

Just relax this isn't a letter of hatred or anger, or even pity for you. Instead I'd like to take the time to just let you know that inspite all of this, I still love you and will never ever allow the seed of hatred to ever come between us. I will be honest though, your words were hurtful and my kids even took it to heart, wondering, "How could they say that about you daddy?, that was so mean." But that's Ok, please know that I have forgiven you publicly and privately. My kids all know that that is all I wish of them to do also. We forgive, and forget and move on. There is no need for any of us to be so bitter towards one another. Why am I writing this letter you ask? It's simple, I really want you to get closer to Jesus. I don't know all of the situations in your life and I really don't fully understand all your stress. So maybe your comment was a rebound to other issues in your life.

So today I want to help you to get to know my Lord. I am, who I am, because of Him. He is my Savior, my example of who I should be in any and all situations in my life. And forgiveness is a huge part of Jesus' teachings. Please allow Jesus to enter into your life, He only seeks your love. He already loves you. You never have to bring up this issue between us with Him, you are forgiven by me. Let us just move forward together, closer to a most joyful, loving, super cool forgiving God who fills our lives with His mercy, love and grace. You will simply adore Him as I have. And wait till you meet His mom, she is such a darling. No she isn't going to make homemade chocolate chip cookies, though that would be cool; instead she is going to be with us and help lead us, to her Son.

If you'd like, whenever you wish, we could pray the rosary together. If you aren't comfortable with that, simply at 9-9:30pm EST, Mon-Fri come pray the rosary with us. As you well know many of us unite in our community and do just that. You are aware of our Rosary Text Group. Our Lord will know you are there in union with us praising Him. Please know that my door and His door are always open to you. This life will mess anyone up with what is important, and what really don't matter. See once I really got to know Jesus over these past 27 years; the one true thing I got to understand so easily, was that this world, this life was all temporary. Our only objectives here are, to love Him, to praise Him and to honor Him; and of cause to do all we can to draw as many as possible to Him.

I pray that your life is full of happiness and JOY, and that that JOY is overflowing and endless. I can't fully explain that to you in this letter, but I have in recent blogs explained that JOY in great detail. I only wish you the best, and the happiest of times ahead. May our Lord shower your heart, soul and mind with His love and understanding. And may you in the future be like Him in all things and draw as many others as you can to Him. Whenever you are in doubt simply pray the simplest most powerful prayer I pray countless times a day, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ always,

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO