Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bless Those Who Curse You

Beads of Joy 09-09-10

Bless Those Who Curse You
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Yes you read the title correctly. But hey this is what Jesus wants us to do. And if you are like me, you have the list of people that don't qualify for that list, while others do. LOL. Jesus don't want you or me to be like that. I know we both can justify the enemies we can forgive and those we say will but won't. That's just a harsh reality I know we all may feel hurt in our hearts at times. But today we are going to reflect on Luke 6:27-38 (Love of Enemies) truly an appropriate title for dealing with what many of us consider the unlovable. I will be the first to confess that I fall into the category of people who sometimes refuse to forgive an enemy. LOL. OK, I think I may have worded that a little harshly to. See what I mean. Let me be a bit clearer to when I say who it is I am talking about; it's not a friend or family member or even an acquaintance. Mostly all of my anger isn't against any of those people, I forgive them immediately, though many have well earned it; no my anger and non forgiveness are usually aimed to those in government who insist on destroying what so many have died for to protect. Ok, let's not get me started. Many of you know my political rant. But like I have said many times in the past, I will not allow that in a blog devoted to my Lord and His Mother. You can't mix light with darkness. LOL

How do we identify ourselves as different than the way so many other religions are? I think it's in the grace that God has given us when it comes to forgiveness. Through our faith we will treat people kindly who certainly don't deserve to be treated that way. We must be like Jesus, and in our quest to be closer to Him, we must embrace the sinner who offends us and/or persecutes us. This is not done in weakness, by no means, it is rather done through God's strength. So many people misinterpret a Christians reason for being so kind and forgiving. Many think it's because we are weak; on the contrary, in order for us to be humble and kind and merciful, we must be strong. God has taught us in all things to seek good, and not just regular good, but rather the highest good we can find. The hardest part of being so forgiving to those who are mean to is, we do not expect anything in return. So we being kind and forgiving how?? from the true depths of our heart. We have to be that way, even if they continue to be mean, rude, hurtful. No matter what. Look how much Jesus loved those who persecuted and killed Him. Can we really be that forgiving? I hope so.

Nothing is impossible, we all know that, especially when God is involved. We need to pray for peace, peace inside our hearts in handling situations only the God wants us to, not the way we really want to. Yes, it would feel great to lash out at the foolish and mean people who harm us with their words and actions; but honestly that is so against the grain of what we really believe in our hearts. Being like Jesus was never meant to be easy. Our trust in Him is the strength that will get us through this. Times ahead look like they will be very difficult and probably life threatening for us (those who outwardly live our faith). We really need to be ready for the worst, and not back down. If there comes a point time where we are told to deny Jesus or die (I can't tell you what to do), but I shall willingly die. My last words will be, "Jesus I love you, all those present here I forgive you." No, that's not pious, I have thought a great deal about this for over twenty seven years. And I know I can not deny my Lord.

Through Jesus, all can be conquered, including our anger and unforgiven heart. Let us look at ourselves in an honest way, asking God to help us with our un-trust (not a real word, lol) in Him and doing what He expects of us. Forgiveness comes from the heart, we must not allow our hearts to be hardened by another. The hurt someone pushes into our lives should not be able to turn into anger or hatred. God has taught us to return evil with good. That must always be our goal, for every bad thing that they do or say, we do or say a good thing in return. We shall never allow anyone to out do our kindness and love and forgiveness. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for all of us. We need to now be bold in our faith, and do all we can to be like Jesus in times of trials when we are challenged by those who hate us, or wish us harm, or desire to eliminate us. Pray, pray, pray, and pray some more, God will lead your heart. Pray this simple prayer to Him every single day, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO