Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pray The Rosary Often

Beads of Joy 09-23-10

Pray The Rosary Often
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Everyone knew that The Rosary Man wasn't going to go through the week of sharing "prayer" without talking about the Rosary. LOL. When I say "often" in that title, I mean if you are able to and if your heart feels led, pray more than just one Rosary a day. Sometimes it takes further knowledge about the spiritual power that is in a single Rosary; and then other times it just takes time for our hearts to urn for the sounding echo of those beautiful prayers each day. I can't example the excitement, contentment, and complete "at peace" that I personally feel when I hold my Rosary and begin my prayers. Some have asked me, "What are your methods of praying the Rosary?" I really don't have any special method that is any different than anyone else; in fact I prefer it as simple as possible. The only difference is that to me, the Rosary is a daily, on going prayer. In other words, as soon one Rosary is completed, I have already plotted and planned where and when I will begin the next. Some people just can't relate to that. Is it an addiction? I don't know, how would you define an addiction? I do hear comments that I am goofy and immature and joking around all the time. But I can explain that, "I am drunk on the Lord." The Joy supersedes anything I can actually handle, so it spews out of me like a "love-sick crackhead'. I know I just stole that from Kesha, but it's true, with how I feel about Jesus, His Mother, St. Joseph, the Holy Spirit, the disciples, and I could go on and on. I'll go further with those lyrics, because in essence to them, they say exactly how I feel about the Rosary that is all about Jesus. "What you've got (LORD) is hard to find. Think about (YOU) all about it all the time. I'm all strung up my heart is fried. I just cant get you off my mind.."

Now let's look further into how someone can get so excited and all wound up about the Rosary. Did you ever hear about the book called, "The Secret of the Rosary", by St. Louis Marie de Montfort? If you didn't, you really need to either get a copy of it, they are usually only $1-$2 a copy. Back when we had our Rosary Makers Guild we use to give away hundreds of them. Here are some excerpts that show you how exciting a read this most precious book is. In fact here is a free online version of it for you to enjoy:

28th Rose - 88.
Our Lady one day revealed to Blessed Alan de la Roche that, after the holy sacrifice of the Mass, which is the first and most living memorial of our Lord's passion, there was indeed no more excellent devotion or one of greater merit than that of the Rosary, which is like a second memorial and representation of the life and passion of Jesus Christ.

45th Rose - 129.
I would like to add that the Rosary ought to be said reverently, that is to say, it ought to be said as much as possible, kneeling, with hands joined, clasping the rosary. However, if you are ill, you can, of course, say it in bed; or if one is traveling it can be said while walking; if, on account of some infirmity, you cannot kneel you can say it standing or sitting. You can even say it while working if your duties do not allow you to leave your job, for work with ones hands is not always incompatible with vocal prayer.

46th Rose - 134. Finally, when the Rosary is said in common, it is far more formidable to the devil, because in this public prayer it is an army that is attacking him. He can often overcome the prayer of an individual, but if it is joined to that of others, the devil has much more trouble in getting the best of it. It is easy to break a single stick; but if you join it to others to make a bundle, it cannot be broken. Vis unita fit fortior. Soldiers join together in an army to overcome their enemies; immoral people often come together for parties of debauchery and dancing; evil spirits join forces in order to make us lose our souls. Why, then, should not Christians join forces to have Jesus Christ present with them, to appease the anger of God, to draw down his grace and mercy on us, and to frustrate and overcome the devil more forcefully?

Do you see now, how exciting the Rosary can be? I bounce off the walls everyday just from the mere fact that I can think of all the Joy I find in them there little beads. Actually I don't even have to go that far, I just ponder on all twenty mysteries and I am so filled with so much Joy. There is more than enough Joy in the Rosary for all to receive personally. We must always remember that it is Our Lady who always brings us to Our Lord in the Rosary. And another very joyful exciting part of praying the Rosary is that is "family" in design. We go to the Father, to get to Our Mother, to get to her Son. All roads lead to Jesus. Jesus is all we need, nothing at all is needed in our life to bring Joy into our Life. Nothing! Once you can embrace the Joy that is inside those beads you will be endlessly overflowing with so much Joy; that nothing in this life will ever be able to give you the same Joy.

Look at how precious and magnificent these mysteries are:

The Joyful Mysteries

1. The Annunciation- Luke 1:26-38
The Fruit of this mystery - Humility
2. The Visitation- Luke 1:41-42
The Fruit of this mystery - Love of Neighbor
3. The Birth of Jesus- Luke 2:1-20
The Fruit of this mystery - Embrace Poverty
4. Presentation of Jesus- Luke 2:22-23
The Fruit of this mystery - Obedience to the Law
5. Finding of Jesus in the Temple- Luke 2:41-52
The Fruit of this mystery - Joy in Finding Jesus

The Luminous Mysteries

1. Baptism of Jesus- Matthew 3:1-17
The Fruit of this mystery - Open to the Holy Spirit
2. The Wedding at Cana- Luke 2:1-11
The Fruit of this mystery - Mary Directs Us To Jesus
3. Jesus Proclaiming The Kingdom- Matthew 10:7-8
The Fruit of this mystery - Trusting In God
4. Transfiguration of Jesus- Matthew 17:1-9
The Fruit of this mystery - Pure Desire To Be Holy
5. Institution of the Eucharist- Luke 22:19-20
The Fruit of this mystery - Adoration of Jesus

The Sorrowful Mysteries

1. Agony In The Garden - Mark 14:35-39
The Fruit of this mystery - Sad for our sins
2. Scourging At The Pillar - Mark 15:15
The Fruit of this mystery - Purity
3. Crowning With Thorns - Matthew 27:28-30
The Fruit of this mystery - Courage
4. Carrying Of The Cross - Mark 15:20
The Fruit of this mystery - Patience
5. The Crucifixion - Mark 15:21-25
The Fruit of this mystery - Perseverance

The Glorious Mysteries

1. The Ressurrection - Matthew 27:60-28:9
The Fruit of this mystery - Faith
2. The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven - Mark 16:19
The Fruit of this mystery - Hope
3. Descent of The Holy Spirit - Acts 2:1-8
The Fruit of this mystery - Love For God
4. Mary's Assumption Into Heaven - Luke 1:46-50
The Fruit of this mystery - Grace For a Happy Death
5. The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven - Judith 15:9-10
The Fruit of this mystery - Trust in Mary's Intercession

Here's a wonderful link on How To Pray The Rosary:

St. Alphonsus de Liguori says, "Nothing can set hearts ablaze with love for God like the Blessed Sacrament; and, the Blessed Virgin, through Her Rosary is the Treasure of Grace;" that gently leads us to her Son.

Excellent link explaining: The Meaning of The Rosary


"Jesus, I trust You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO

Today we pray the
Luminous Mysteries
1. Baptism of Jesus
2. Wedding at Cana
Proclamation of the Kingdom
4. The Transfiguration
5. Institution of the Holy Eucharist