Friday, September 17, 2010

Out Of Their Own Means

Beads of Joy 09-17-10

Out Of Their Own Means
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Isn't it such a privilege to be able to serve our Lord? Today we reflect not only "Mary called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out" which is part of verse 2, but we also learn who the women are, the ones that help Jesus and His disciples, and they did do so by using what resources they themselves had. Today's gospel is Luke 8:1-3 (Galilean Women Follow Jesus). The generosity of helping those spread the word to all started right at the beginning; when Jesus began His ministry. I think the most blessed part about these women, is that you really don't hear much about them in scripture and there are no trumpets for their service. These ladies indeed were just grateful and so blessed to be able to help Jesus in any capacity, and this ministry of theirs was essential. There is so much Joy in serving our Lord, all of us can do it every single day if so choose to.

You do realize that taking on the title as servant, we (those of us who do) take the lowest place. But that lowest place is truly thee best place to be. We all know that God really don't need our help in order for Him to accomplish anything. He is all powerful and almighty. But because He loves us so much, He wants to give us the opportunity to really show Him how much we do love Him. The women in today's gospel, some were financially blessed and others who just want to serve; they brought all that they had to Jesus, so that Jesus could use what He and His disciples needed at His will. That is true service unto the Lord. Today's reading is simple, yet very profound. Do not hold anything back when serving our Lord. Literally give Him everything you got and ask Him how you might use it to serve Him. All things to some capacity can be used to serve our Lord. Even the giving of our skills, our time and our knowledge to help someone. We must trust in our Lord to guide our heart with the help of the Holy Spirit. Can you reach into your "safe" grab a hold of ALL your treasures and use them to honor Jesus? Tough question isn't it? Sometimes a huge step in faith gets us over the hurdle of doubt.

I challenge all those unattached to this world (I'm raising my hand), to do something off the cuff and give "something" to someone who needs or wants that something, and in prayer ask Jesus to guide your heart and words. Whenever I share my own stories I only share them to encourage you to try to do the same in whatever capacity you are able to. We are all sinners, all trying to do all we can to do our best to get to Heaven. Let us help each other, that is our ultimate goal. Today let us put selfishness away and stop hoarding that which only gathers dust and dirt. Instead grab hold of that "whatever" and give it to so and so, so that they light up with a huge smile of Joy, never thinking you would give that away. This is a wonderful chance to share your faith. Now don't scare them away, I have done that. LOL. I get way to religiously into the blah blahs and after that, that person avoids me, they think I am crazy. LOL, maybe some truth there, lol. I found that a simple statement like, "John I just felt led to give you my banjo, in my prayers I remembered how much you told me you always wanted to learn how to play. Enjoy." True story. John's wife Doris is Chrissy's god-mother and Doris was my long time, forever Charismatic sister. John wasn't ever really into it. So I felt led to share the generosity of Jesus with Him.

Here's my little "Joy Sermon":
In my own personal experience in my walk with Jesus I found that the best place to be is at the bottom the pile, the last, the lowest looking up, ultimately the forgotten. I know that may sound crazy or misguided; trust Jesus, it's not. What happens when we are at the bottom of the pile? We are prostrate before the Lord. What happens when we are at the lowest point looking up? We are kneeling, looking up to God. And what happens to the forgotten? We have so much more time to spend with Jesus. Hey you know the world is a wonderful place: The glamor, the glitz, the entertainment, the money to spoil oneself, the lust to fulfill oneself, the desire to fulfill any and/or all of your desires. But why? Honestly, why? The best place to be, if we'd really be honest with ourselves, is at the foot of the cross either prostrate or on our knees. That to me is HEAVEN. The Joy seeing God as man paying a price to SAVE me, is simple the most joyful, happy, exciting, making me goofy sign of true love that I have ever seen in my entire life. That is why I pray endlessly to my Lord,

"Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO