Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jesus Christ - Son of David

Beads of Joy 12-17-09

Jesus Christ - Son of David
©2009 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

This is truly an exciting gospel today. Here is a magnificent chance to see the genealogy of our Lord, our God. Today we read Matthew 1:1-17 (The Genealogy of Jesus Christ). I am very drawn to this because of a number of reasons. You see I have been my own families historian for almost 15 years now. The study of our family through genealogy is fun, insightful and you always seem to learn something more about the family that no one else ever knew. What's wonderful when you study your own family, is that all your research on the people you are learning about, are directly connected to you through your bloodline.

Now Jesus' genealogy is unique and of cause perfect in its purpose. Jesus' genealogy is spiritual and a direct line from David shows us that Jesus is indeed the fulfillment of all God's promises to His people. The lineage travels from David, through Abraham and all the way down to Joseph; the husband of Mary, it's truly breath taking.What I have found in my own spiritual genealogy is that my own family roots has been so true to and focused on Our Lord. Now I can better see where the roots of my own devotion have come from.

What I have also learned in my so many years of research and talking to family members; is that our family devotion to Our Blessed Mother was and still is adored greatly in our family tree. I have a few family members who have played a really significant role in who I am in my life today spiritually. And all of us have always been devout Roman Catholics. Learning all this through the years has been so encouraging.

My grandmother (Susan DePete), and her sister (Helen Cashara) and inevitably my mother (Marie Dacey) and her sister (Ann Edwards) have been very influential on my direction to my devotion. When I was a child I spent much time over my grandparents house, I can remember that to this day like it was yesterday. My grandmother would sit next to me on the couch and hold my hands with her rosary in her hands, and she'd always say, "Let me tell you about two women I adore." and then she'd proceed telling me about her sister Helen and our Blessed Mother. Grandma always had her rosary with her, she also had a three foot statue of our blessed Mother in her bedroom. It use to be surrounded by roses and prayer cards. I remember that statue and how much she loved our Lady as if it were recent. She taught me so much about Mary, I didn't realize it then, I was too young, but looking back I can see what a dynamic role she played in my life spiritually, I am forever grateful.

I encourage all of you to do your own spiritual family genealogy research.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO