Thursday, December 31, 2009

Preparing For The New Year - Part 2

Beads of Joy 12-31-09

Preparing For The New Year - Part 2
©2009 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Years Eve Day everybody. I really didn't think I'd be writing so much about resolutions, but from a couple of the emails and replies about them I thought I'd write just a little bit more about them to maybe help inspire everyone to look another way at "Resolutions". I pray that all of you have a most joyous 2010. As I write this I am looking back on one of my New Years Resolutions worksheets from 2004, it's 8 sheets long, I know wow. Reviewing this is most inspiring. Looking back now I can see how so many of these are such a part of my life now.

Let's see in this bunch of resolutions how I broke the list down and then how I began 2004 with such fervor and excitement. This list starts with a six sentence intro, thanking Jesus for yet another year to further serve Him. My first topic is "Spiritual Resolutions" there are 19 points, followed by "Daddy Resolutions" with 6 points. Next there are "Husband Resolutions" with 11 points. There are just so many topics. Then I have "Friends Resolutions" with 4 points. Yes this is pretty intense, LOL. The balance of these topics are: "Personal Growth" (3 points), "Desires to Give" (2 points), "Health Resolutions" (6 points), "Community Resolutions" (3 points), "Praying The Rosary Across America Ministry Resolutions" (3 points), and then lastly "Dads 4 Jesus Resolutions" (2 points).

Now here are some direct examples that I did apply to my life back in 2004. Also note that resolutions aren't necessarily things we didn't do or haven't done, most of the time they are things we already do. But by labeling them as a resolution helps us intensify them in our lives, which is what helps us to solidify them to be part of who we are, long after the "date" we made them a resolution.

Spiritual Resolutions
#10. Desire for my Daily Cross- I wish to gain strength by my daily cross.
- Through this desire I pray for God's Grace.
- I am determined to embrace my cross everyday.
- I desire an even heavier cross as Jesus sees me grow.
(Footnote: most of my spiritual resolutions are like this one.)

Daddy Resolutions
#2. Continue to always be available when they need me: homework, to talk, whatever. They can have my attention whenever they so desire it.
(Footnote: I love being a dad.)

Community Resolutions
#2. Get more deeply involved at the shrine with Fr. Peter and Fr. Julio. Possibly helping at different events, or assisting in the rosary devotion and Mass more consistently.
(Footnote: The shrine is my most favorite place. I helped out there for years.)

That last one came to pass big time in my life. Fr Peter is not only a personal friend but while living in WNY he was my Spiritual Director. At the shrine I was a Eucharistic Minister whenever needed, helped out at Christmas setup on the grounds, my daughter and I were involved with bible study, and so much more. I consider Our Lady of Fatima Shrine a very special place in my life and in my heart. I hope these few starting ideas help inspire you to greater things as the new year gets ready to begin.

Resolutions to me: Should be specific things we want to do to be better people before the Lord, in our families and to our friends.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO