Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Respect My Fathers House

Beads of Joy 11-09-10

Respect My Father's House
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Just this past Sunday in my blog I posted an old poem from 1997, all about today's gospel. How real is God's presence to you? Do you really feel Him alive and a part of everything you do? Do you respect His house, the same way you expect others to respect yours? You know I always seem drawn to asking questions when reflecting, to me it helps leave open doors for all of us to further reflect on each days gospel. And so I say that with this: How holy is holy enough for us? Do we really want to be like the priests, and sisters and brothers who devote their lives to serving God? My answer honestly is YES. Oh my gosh, YES. Actually even more than that. Many a priests in not so many words have said that to me, this is a paraphrase to the sum total of all the comments from the above list; but I think, actually scratch that, I know, they are right. This is what they basically told me, "You are so fortunate to have such a holy and devote prayer and study life, your life can be at times far richer than mine." I was shocked, I was like, "How can that even be slightly true?" They all didn't miss a beat with response, "You have control of your time way more than (me), my time is committed to all the church functions, meetings, administration, etc. Basically the politics of my position sometimes prevent the freedom to worship when I wish." Hmm I guess that could be true. A priest has all the duties of coordinating all the activities, committees, etc in the church. A nun has to do her duties of ministering to the poor, as the community directs her, as does a brother who labors in helping the church.

So, how much do you love, honor and respect God's house? Sometimes I often wonder that about others I see run in and run out of Mass, or refuse to genuflect, and have no reverence for the tabernacle. We have a couple of "family traditions" when it comes to "going to Mass". Call me corny, weird, strange and maybe a kook, no matter, I am a strict dad with these few things I will share. For starters, 1. No shorts, or sleeveless shirts or blouses are to be worn in Mass. Call me old fashion, or an old fuddie dudie, I don't care, respect and reverence for our Lord and God, period. Don't even think about showing skin inappropriately. 2. Always, genuflect before entering you isle or if you pass the altar. Reverence and respect and adoration a must in my family. This is notcousin Martha's house or Uncle Leroy's pad. This is God's house, His Temple, our place of worship. 3. Participate, participate, participate, did I mention participate. Jesus don't want us to be motionless drones, looking around without any motion, love or participation in our community prayers. Learn your prayer and speak up, and hold hands during the Our Father, and raise them in the last verse. Genuflect or bow before receiving communion, etc. You are at Mass, to be part of our Lord's celebration. Am I over the top yet? LOL. I know these may seem like maybe at times I sound like a Pharisee with all the rules, follow the rules. Ah, no, rather I want my family, most especially my kids to love and adore and honor the Lord I would willingly die for.

Just ask my kids, they will tell you plainly that daddy is very serious about Mass, he even has Mass clothes he always wears for Mass. LOL. Ok, I just let you in, and now you know a secret. LOL. Come on, keep up with me, me a daddy of church, worship and Mass rules is far from done. 4. Always put something in the offering every week, no matter what, always give. Yes we all face challenges and we have times where it is impossible to (also) give to your church, my house rule is simple, if we have little we must share it with Jesus, if we have a lot, we share even more, and the hardest of all, if we have nothing, even from that we must share. I kid you not. My kids have on many occasions taken some of what little they as kids have in their own pockets and tossed them in the basket as it came around. We use to, when we lived in Niagara Falls, light a candle every single week for the good health of all of our family and friends. Special candles for my grandpa, their great grandpa also back then, with their own money many times. I refuse to have my kids think they should embrace selfish living where it's all about them. Not in my house. God shall provide, trust in Him and He always comes true for us. I have asked my kids that many times, and they all have agreed wholeheartedly. Ok, I think I went on a bit long on that one. But that was important. There is so much to share and so little time.

Alright I will have to continue this teaching on another blog. My kids know that love and respect and true reverence are important to me, but more importantly, they know that God deserves all this from us.


As we walk in with respect
We bow and show our desire,
God is Lord this is His house
Kneel, pray and share our spirits fire.

How can I say this in a word
We must be respectful in Mass,
This house is my Father's
Not some shack from the past.

So give of yourself as you enter
You are in the presence of God's touch,
He only wants our love and respect
Is that asking for so much?

Our Father's house a house of prayer
Time to refresh and make your Spirit a new,
And when you are, on your knees before the altar
Speak up, be clear and pray, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO

Today we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries

1. Agony in the Garden
2. The Scourging at the Pillar
3. Crowing with Thorns
4. Carrying of the Cross
5. The Crucifixion of Jesus