Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ann Edwards (my God-Mother)

Beads of Joy 05-15-10

Dedication Days - Ann Edwards (my God-mother)
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Dedication Days
Hello Everyone,

I'd like to introduce everyone to Ann Edwards: My Aunt Annie, my mother's younger sister, and my God-Mother. She is indeed my God-Mother, it was Aunt Annie who brought her love for Jesus from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Staten Island, getting my mom involved, hence I got to experience Jesus. It's so beautiful the way God chooses to work His Will in our lives. Well growing up, my God-Mother was always my favorite aunt. She was always fun, she always always always smiling, obviously making you smile every time you were looking at her. After she got married not to long after that she and my uncle moved to Oklahoma where his family was. He is an American Indian, so his family was big and they had a huge ranch. We visited them a couple times growing up. They didn't live on the ranch, in fact to this day the name of her street is still easy to remember, Ann Drive. LOL. Well a couple years past, we visited them, they visited us, we always cried when we had to leave or they had to leave. Oh did I miss her since she moved to Oklahoma. I use to sit and chat with her about anything all the time. She was like my stand in mom, when I needed an instant one. LOL. I later found out my aunt use to tell my mom all the details of our chats. She was happy I confided in her sister.

Well after living out there for so many years, she started facing some serious challenges, and eventually she got divorced. So what would be the next natural step? Bring her home, here... Well that took a little time, between my parents and my grandma and grandpa (her mom & dad). They brought her and the kids home. And my grandparents took them right into their home. They stayed there for a couple years till my aunt got on her feet to take care of her three kids. I was so happy that she was back. She worked at the bank her whole time after her return, she eventually became a manager. I use to visit her and spend time with her just like before; and just like before I use to talk to her about everything. And of cause she told my mom everything. I just always adored my precious Aunt Annie. Her heart was always full of love for others, giving of herself to anyone in need of a shoulder or an ear. She was always struggling through her life, yet she always found in her heart a place to help others. I admire that greatly.

Upon her return I later found out that she recruited my mom to go to prayer groups with her. Aunt Annie use to always attend them when she was in Oklahoma. I later found out that she was part of a pretty big group out there, and she had a huge group of friends in her fellowship. She loved Jesus way more than I ever really knew. My mom use to tell me all the stories she use to share at the prayer group. At that time I still hadn't gone to my first prayer group yet. I only listened because it was about my Aunt Annie. LOL. So her and my mom were really getting into Jesus and I couldn't understand for the life of me, why? I also learned about her love for our Blessed Mother. But I can easily understand her draw to her. Her mom was the grandma I told you about, who adored our Blessed Mother and she use to always tell me how much she loved her. So loving Mary is in our family. It's in our genes... LOL

Many years later, I had been married (we had only 3 kids at the time) and I was in business with my dad. This was in the early 90's, we were still living on Staten Island in New Springville. Aunt Annie ended up getting really sick and she was having all sorts of breathing problems, well inevitably they found out that she had lung cancer. Such a sad time for our family. Soon she was to be hospitalized, and I remember over hearing my family and the doctors say this will make her comfortable, I was so happy to hear that. Little did I know what that eventually really meant. This hospital was not on my way to work. But I made sure every single morning on my way to work I would stop in, sit with her, talk to her, pray with her. Eventually she couldn't talk anymore, and she had a tube in her mouth and all your heard was her wheezing. It was so loud it heard it down the hall as you approached her room. This went on for a couple weeks. Even when she couldn't talk, I was there by her side, holding her hand talking to her, praying with and for her. Well that unforgettable day came. As I was coming down the hall I didn't hear her wheezing, I immediately though, "Oh thank God, she is breathing normal again." As I turned into her room, my cousin Sharon (her daughter) was next to her in tears. All the tubes were out and she looked so peaceful. I didn't even realize, I thought she was asleep, the room was slightly dark. I commented to my cousin, "At least she's not wheezing today, she looks so peaceful." Sharon looked at me crying saying, "Jim, my mom passed away a little while ago." Oh no, that was all she had to say. I was crushed. I cried all the way to work that day, and many times after that. My Aunt Annie, who I have always loved and became even more attached to was gone. I need not tell you how this affected me, as do all those I love. I always think of her, I even talk her sometimes. She was a very special, loving, giving, child of God. And she loved Mary and the Rosary. A legacy I embrace from her.

Today I salute you: Aunt Annie
I miss her so much, I always adored her.
You are always in my heart and always in my prayers.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO