Thursday, May 13, 2010

Embrace & Wear Your Rosary

Beads of Joy 05-13-10

Embrace & Wear Your Rosary
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

There is something extremely special about the rosary and it can't be explained in such a way that everyone can understand, but by saying that I know many of you do. In every ones life there needs to be a very special joy. The joy I embrace in the Rosary can't be fully explained, or at least off the top of my head, I can't come up with a quick explanation; except that our Blessed Mother's love is embedded in every single one of those beads. Jesus is so alive in them precious mysteries; that in some way the Rosary comes to life every single time I embrace my beads. Back when I made my first mission bead in 1989 I started "wearing" my mission beads around my neck. My choice to wear it was two fold. First and foremost was so that I would always have a set of rosary beads on me because I pray the rosary so much; and second so that it would invoke conversation or at least curiosity. And believe me to this day twenty-one years later both of those needs still get met when I wear my beads. And I still wear the very first mission beads I made properly.

I invite all of you, (though I know so many of you already do) to embrace the Rosary and make it become part of your prayer life. The rosary is all about Jesus, His life, His Ministry. There is something about those beads that just holding them gives me such contentment. In my life I have enjoyed and embraced those beads so much; that I have to say in all honesty and with the fullest of heart, that beyond those beads, aside from my bible, I don't need or desire anything at all. I mean that, life is so complete with the Rosary in your life. Jesus is the center, and Mary is in union with us. And with that we also have the indwelt Holy Spirit inside us guiding us and drawing us closer to Jesus. I can remember back when I fell in love with my rosary prayers. I would be praying my rosary literally anywhere and everywhere. I mean that. As the spirit lead many a times on my way home from work, I'd just pull over to the side of the road, and be fully focused on a decade or even a full rosary. I use to take breaks at work, when I was in business and find a quiet place and pray a full rosary (I use to do that a lot). Please understand I still do these things, but just in a different capacity. See now in my life, the rosary is truly alive every single day. I challenge you.

I know many of you personally and I know that you pray your rosary often. So I send this challenge out to those who don't and also those who already do. "Increase your rosary prayer life." Add decades, add full mysteries, spontaneously pray, plan prayers, unite with others, commit to text and begin with someone no matter where they live. It'll be like you put a case of fireworks into your prayer life. It will indeed come alive and the more you do this, the more you will want it, and the more it will become part of your everyday with Jesus in the Rosary. The biggest first step is to make sure you always have your Rosary Beads with you, no matter where you go. That's why I wear mine. As I get dressed for work, or Mass, or wherever we are going, putting my Rosary Beads on is just a normal part of all that to me.

This is an exerpt from "The Secrets of The Rosary"
The 8th Rose

"Our Lady blesses not only those who preach her Rosary, but she highly rewards all those who get others to say it by their example.

Alphonsus, King of Leon and Galicia, very much wanted all his servants to honor the Blessed Virgin by saying the Rosary. So he used to hang a large rosary on his belt and always wore it, but unfortunately never said it himself. Nevertheless his wearing it encouraged his courtiers to say the Rosary very devoutly.

One day the King fell seriously ill and when he was given up for dead he found himself, in a vision, before the judgement seat of Our Lord. Many devils were there accusing him of all the sins he had committed and Our Lord as Sovereign Judge was just about to condemn him to hell when Our Lady appeared to intercede for him. She called for a pair of scales and had his sins placed in one of the balances whereas she put the rosary that he had always worn on the other scale, together with all the Rosaries that had been said because of his example. It was found that the Rosaries weighed more than his sins.

Looking at him with great kindness Our Lady said: "As a reward for this little honor that you paid me in wearing my Rosary, I have obtained a great grace for you from my Son. Your life will be spared for a few more years. See that you spend these years wisely, and do penance."

Interesting hey !!!

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO