Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Will Come To You

Beads of Joy 05-09-10

I Will Come To You
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe it, today is the sixth Sunday of Easter already. Today is also Mother's Day, a true time to celebrate. Time has just been flying by these past few weeks. Today's gospel is John 14:23-29 (Last Supper Discourse: Way to Fellowship) An absolutely fantastic reading and a really wonderful way to celebrate the Lord's day. Jesus speaks to us in such a way that reassures us about the role the Holy Spirit will play in our life; and His love for us, the love God has for us. There is so much love jam packed in today's gospel, I can only want to read it several times over and over. It's like a sorta excerpt from a love letter God has hand written to us. In our daily prayers we need to ask Jesus to inflame our hearts with a love and passion for the word like we have never experienced before. And do you know what is really spectacular? No sorrow, no pain, no suffering, no threats, no hatred towards us can ever take away any of this Joy that we possess when we embrace God's word. Be bold everyone, don't allow this messed up world of priorities offend or scare you into doing what "they" say is what they think is correct. "They" meaning the government or the government owned media. They are not correct! The only day spiritual correctness matters is on the day of judgment. You better be correct in believing in God then.

One that day you better be right in what you believe, for on that day, the gavel of judgment will hit the bench and Heaven or Hell shall be your tomb. We have a most merciful, loving, forgiving God. But should you purposely defy and do all you can to eliminate and destroy Him; oh well people who dare, in the end you lose. In our lives God forbid us to judge one another. But I have to admit, I'd sure like to be in line behind the person who has openly denied God's existence and further destroyed life. Gods wrath will show no mercy, for it will be too late. And without saying a word, all that we have said, all that we believed will be flashed before their eyes in an instance as they are cast down into eternal hell. Now please understand something about me; I do not wish that upon anyone, what I am saying is that we need to be bold, so we can believe and worship without fear. We have all the time and all the chances right here, right now to get it right with God. Let's just do it. Why should anyone of us be intimidated by the hatred that looms in this world? Read God's word often, your hearts will be forever singing to the tune of eternity.

In today's word, do you know that love that can even defeat death? God's love for us is so real, so strong, so intense that all we need to do is believe in Him, love Him and honor Him. If I were to tell you, that I (me-Jimmy) can give you eternal life, what would you say? You'd probably look at me, and go "Yeah right, and who are you? You are nothing but a mortal man." Of cause you're not going to put your trust in me. But only in God, thee God of the entire universe, the one who has created the entire universe, it is He who has offered us Heaven: Do we not believe Him? or Do we embrace His every word and do all we can to follow the commandments He has set before us? Obviously the one true God of the universe is the one we all should be listening to. Trust in Him, and do not let your hearts be troubled. God not only loves us, but He continually forgives us; and we do all we can in this life to draw ever closer to Him.

As this new fresh week begins, let us all take the time to seriously think about God's love for us. Your heart will skip a beat, your smile will be permanent, your thoughts will be only of Him. You will see everything in a whole new light. It'll be like a dark room has been lite up with an endless array of flood lights. You will see and hear and know things that you've never known, seen or heard before. Your boldness to love Him, will be unshakable. No words or thoughts or con-job will ever make you take your eyes off Him. For you know God and Jesus personally, there is no way anyone can just say they don't exist, for you know them, so you know they exist. I challenge anyone of you, especially the faint at heart. Be bold this week, be who you are in God's sight at all times. I am not rude, and I do my best not to do anything with pride. But when asked about things, or comments are made. But, I stand strong. I always Boldly say when asked about my faith, I say, "I am a cradle Roman Catholic, don't even think about trying to change my heart and love to be against what I believe." Yes those are my words. Sometimes those trying to attack me try to use that against me, sad part is I don't back down. Inevitably they retreat.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO