Friday, May 28, 2010

Sleep: Essential Everyday

Beads of Joy 05-28-10

Sleep: Essential Everyday
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Living A Healthy Life 5/5
Hello Everyone,

Sleep hmmm. Sometimes sleep just gets in the way of a busy me, trying to accomplish 40 hours of activity in a single day. You know as a kid I tried to break Geniuses World record for the most days without sleep. See I can make choices that make no sense to. LOL. Hey I was just a kid. I have no clue of remembrance as to what the record was. But I made it eight days without sleep. I do remember it was an exhausting eight days. And back when I wasn't yet saved when I did that, so my fanaticism was CB radios and basic computer language on my Radio Shack computer. Wow, am I that old? LOL. No way, at least I only remember cars, not horses. LOL. But I do remember black and white TV's and loud remote clickers, no VCR's, and absolutely no DVD's. I miss the olden days. LOL. I miss grandma's cooking, I miss an America that was patriotically passionate about America.

Now when it comes to sleep, I don't have to be the parent here, do I? LOL. We need our sleep, don't be like the foolish kid I was. There are no two ways about, our bodies need sleep them to repair and get rest. And did you know that sleep helps you lose weight. Yes I just said that, but I only noticed that when I slept 4 or 5 hours I didn't lose weight at all. But when I do slept 8-10-12 hours I have seen my weight drop two to four pounds or more, that's pretty amazing. Like I have said, I was for many years a fanatic about monitoring my health.

What should we be doing? Focus on our health and take a good look at all the benefits you gain from getting some good sleep. First off and obvious, it helps repair your body from its normal daily wear and tear. Your heart get rest, and that in turn makes it stronger. Your stress gets reduced from some great sleep. And your memory even gains some ground, and you are so much sharper when you get your sleep. Many will like this one, sleep improves your appearance because your face and your eyes look rested. The whites of your eyes do tell a story when you are run down and tired. Mine always give me away that I am tired or exhausted. And because your body is rested, you do feel more flexible. There are so many benefits to a good nights sleep. And did you know that the snooze button hurts a good nights sleep? Because you're body thinks its getting up, then it's not, then you are, then you're not. Better to sleep to the latest possible moment then wake up completely. In the end you will be much better rested. Don't cheat your last half hour of sleep.

I challenge you ! Yes you read it right. Before you take on the challenge, take the time to look over your current sleeping habits, then when you know your average night's sleep, add one to three hours more sleep to your rest. You will feel amazing I promise you that. The best way to make these changes in your sleeping habits that I have done, is one of two ways. Push your wake up time a half an hour later for a couple days then add another half an hour and so on. Or you can use the same method and go to bed a half an hour earlier and then another half a hour after a few days. You always need to keep one stable time and not changed it. Either your bedtime or your wake up time needs to be the anchor when you do this. What you are doing is changing old habits, and if you do it a little at a time, it is possible. This extra energy will help you better serve the Lord. You will have so much energy that your prayers will be filled with a renewed Joy and excitement, one that will have you singing. Oh wow, you'll be like me. LOL. Have fun, and get some sleep. LOL. zzzzzzz

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO