Saturday, May 22, 2010

Somber Reflection Today

Beads of Joy 05-22-10

Somber Reflection Today
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Today I changed my schedule, sorry. Dedication days will continue next Saturday. I am way too stressed out, and emotionally I am torn apart. As many of you know, my wife Chrissy is currently experiencing some extremely challenging health issues in her life. The "C" word has arrived, and as of this blog we are uncertain of the extent. But this upcoming Wednesday, the absolute results are about to be revealed to us. And we have been very boldly told by the Pulmonary Specialist that this can and could go a whole bunch of ways, most of which don't end well. Now don't get me wrong he did give us some hope, but so much has to lined up, and so much can't be. But we do trust we will get through this. So many people have survived this and so many people have been healed by God's power and I absolutely believe that. God's will is all that matter's here; but honestly who knows the will of God? Right know even though we trust deeply in our Lord, we would be lying if we'd say there is no fear racing through our hearts and minds and causing an avalanche of tears from time to time.

Let me tell ya, Chrissy and I have had some major challenging years over these past 24 years. We have conquered some challenges that we know have destroyed many other marriages. We shall overcome this, really, we shall. Yeah we probably and could have been separated many years ago, at many different times through all these years, but we didn't. We have had periods of time where we didn't even speak much. We never fight, we just don't believe in that. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason. God's plan is here somewhere, we just need to find it, we know we will see it soon. Trusting in Him is key right now. I think next weeks "Dedication Days" will fully be dedicated to Christine. I know many of you have read the dedication I have written for her, posted on facebook and on myspace. I must confess to all of you, that one was written many many years ago. And through the years all I have done is copy and pasted it and reused it over and over again. I need to seriously re-write a dedication to my wife. And I will, next Saturday is for her. I just need some time through these difficult days of tears to regain my composure to seriously write about someone y'all need to know.

I try to be a good husband, I know I fail horribly at times. I try to be a good dad, and I know I fail horribly at times there to. When something like this (Chrissy's serious condition), comes into a family; so much changes, so much of the gobble-goop needs to be ignored. It's time now for some serious living, seriously focusing on what matters. Do the frivolous things really matter anymore? No. Do we sit here and focus on what I want? Absolutely Not. I know along the way I have not been a good husband. But times like this make you look back and wonder and ponder about what can be changed. This waiting time is the worst thing to have to go through for Chrissy and for all of us, we don't want bad news, we just want news. What do we have to do now, how can we defeat this? We need to stand strong together as a family and emotionally support Chrissy and one another. We are so thankful for such a loving family and a network of friends that span across and around thee entire globe. We are grateful for all of you in our lives. You have no idea how much your prayers and comments of support really mean to us.

Today I Ask

Today I ask you Lord
And no it's not for me,
I beg you with all my heart
To set my Chrissy free.

She is suffering way too much
Throughout each and every day,
She needs a healing and it's you
That we ask and beg as we pray.

Is it in your will to help along
Can you make the suffering go stop,
She is so loyal to you she is your child
And it's only you she rates the top.

Her soul is precious, but I know you know
So today I ask again with tears,
Can You heal her Lord with all your love
And free her from all her fears.

Thank you Jesus.

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO