Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jesus - Strengthens Me

Beads of Joy 05-16-10

Jesus - Strengthens Me
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

This has been a very long week for me and my family, more specifically Chrissy. One very dear friend "Jan" has noticed a different tone in my blog, she says they are more compassionate and loving. I think she hit the nail right on the head with how I have been feeling lately; plus I was only getting maybe 3-4 hours sleep each day, so Chrissy can sleep in more. Look, no matter how many challenges are in a relationship, or how different you may think you feel, and you maybe even feel that it isn't going to work anymore. One thing that equalizes everything, is the looming of "death" over everything. I see that I tend to be more protective and much more forgiving now; and we still have no clue what is going on in Chrissy's lungs right now. She didn't sound good at all yesterday; she was having challenges breathing, for crying out loud. So this upcoming week maybe even more challenging. So I am not ceasing in my prayers, nor shall I stop humbling myself to my Lord offering my life as a sacrifice to save hers. I don't do that with pride, but with a commitment I made 23 years ago (this past May 2nd) before God. So you see where I am at.

My life is a very simple one, but I have this instilled desire inside of me to keep as busy and as productive as I possible can. I have been this way for years. So I multi-task many many projects and activities all at once. Let me give you all a good idea of the true size and depth of my plate, one that I embrace and enjoy. Well for starters most know I work full time; pretty much consuming my Mon-Fri ride, and I drive an average 500 miles a night. On top of that I spend time in prayer (lots of time), it's the single most important activity in my life, for without it I would not be able to do all these things. Then I have my daily blog (many hours of bible study research), one that I feel allows me to share and hopefully draw others to Jesus and His most Blessed Mother. Then I have so many writing book projects in motion that there are too many to name them all. There are 3 alone that are being done for the sole purpose of giving 100% of the profit to someone else, I am writing about 90% of the books and 10% will be done by the benefiting churches and shrine. Plus I am working on one that is from me personally called "Decades of Beads", a sorts bio of the Rosary Man. I'm not even gonna talk about my 2 sci-fi (movie style) books I got almost done. LOL. One I started back in 1982, spoke to Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg about it then, but only started back working on it recently last year.. Still other projects I am working one, one is a play, yes I said a play. A play all about the rosary, but not about the rosary. So are you exhausted yet reading this...LOL

Now don't take a break yet, I'm not done, I can't I don't have time for one yet. On top of those writing projects and work. I have just this past week got myself started in a homebased business. Yes that's what I just said, and I know you must think I am crazy. Well I won't argue with you there, but there is a method to all this madness. I have been working on so many of these writing and creating projects for so many years, and they do take years, and I knew that when I started. But Now I am getting closer to age I have been planning, and that's in five years, yes 50. My inevitable goal is to be a published writer of many books, working from home, writing books from home, and travelling throughout the United States, sharing Jesus and Mary and the Rosary, by way of being a speaker. And I want to speak for free. My only deep rooted objective is to increase the amount of people that follow Jesus. I want everyone to be saved. I know that maybe impossible for one person to do, especially for me. But with God and Jesus who strengthen me, I will gain as many souls as God allows me to touch by His grace. And I will do that till the day I die.

So did that paragraph tire you out any? And in the end, my goals sincerely have nothing to do with me, which I believe are the best kind of goals anyone can have. You know I even have a TV show layed out for EWTN, that will take some money to get started, which I don't have. But I know in my heart one day Jesus, if it be in His will, He will open the door for that idea. I shared that with only 2 other people in my life. Its a show that will bring our praying America to one another living rooms, making it real, keeping it simple and exciting the thought of prayer to all those who watch it. I don't want to give it all away just yet. LOL. So on top of all these things, and I know I forget to mention a whole bunch of other things I am doing; Chrissy is very sick now, and we have no clue where her health is going. So I must forge forward, give her whatever space she needs and whatever stuff she'll need so we can get her better. She takes front stage priority, no doubt. But I honestly do not stop any of the projects I am working on, which in the end will also benefit our children. So what keeps me going? you ask. My love, devotion and desire to serve Jesus everyday. And I get to speak with His Beautiful Mother when I pray my rosary everyday. It's the Joy of my faith. The Joy I always speak of, that's the drive inside me. Now if I can only bottle it up and sell it. LOL

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO