Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mustard Seed Size Faith

Beads of Joy 10-03-10

Mustard Seed Size Faith
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Faith is a gift that God has given to us freely. Do we really know the power of this special gift? Did we have any idea that this faith, can literally move mountains? Who would have thought that mere belief and faith in Jesus would enable us to move that which God Himself has created on the earth. Today we will be reflecting on Luke 17:5-10 (Sayings of Faith / Attitude of a Servant). Very exciting reading today. God shows us that loving and believing in Him is what gives us the strength to do anything. Yes anything. Moving a mountain isn't something that is so easily done. How would man move a mountain? Well if it's anything beyond something in someones yard, my guess would be that it would take great earth movers (which we have) and it would take lots of time. Look at the American highway system, so many of those roads go through where mountains once where; but then if you really look at the highways, so many more simply go over and or tunnel through, or go around the mountain. My conclusion to that is: Why is that? Is simply, some mountains just can't be moved or relocated, it's just impossible.

About ten years ago, online at Survey Central, there was a survey that asked as a general question: How might you move a mountain? Some responses were very funny, and others were insightfully smart. Jody said, "By myself? One bucketful at a time. - With friends? Several bucketfuls at a time. - Possibly a steam shovel. - But with God? Through prayer." Most people responding to this question were more humorous and less insightful than Jody was. Eris said, "Why move the mountain? It's probably better off where it is. Then I can always go and visit it." Mandy said, "The mountain is but a computer generated reality pulled over your eyes to blind you from the real world." That was rather insightful of how we really think about that. The mountains in our life are so overwhelming large at times and our inability to try to move them or desire to move them blind us from what's really going on in our lives. Insightful don't you think? Gilly also said something that so many people do in times of challenges and road blocks in our lives, "I'd turn around and instantly get lost. I know there was a mountain over there a minute ago..." And then to top that last quote, how many people eventually give up and do what Billy said, "I would not move a mountain. Instead, I would learn to live in a way that didn't require me to move a mountain."

Do we in general just give up, when we look at something that looks impossible for us? I can't say that even with all that we (I) have been through that I ever look at something as impossible. Rather through prayer and confidence in God's will in our lives; we forge forward believing and hoping for the best results, results that would honor our Lord. Some of the comments above were indeed funny. Most people when given the chance, can be pretty funny, and the funny ones still held some wisdom in them. But funny is good. Laughter is the best medicine through the tidal waves of life's challenges. Do you live your life in such a way that when a mountain is in your way, that you simple just move it? Many may wonder with the challenges maybe you have recently faced. So that you better understand what I am truly saying, I will share with you the way I see it. Here in our family we are going through life, lots of kids, lots of love and lots of hopes and dreams. Then all of a sudden this huge mountain called "cancer" is dropped right our path, and into Chrissy lung. If we can't rid our life of it; we will have to go over it or through it without any knowledge of how big it is. Going around it trying to avoid it, will only lengthen the journey and only further keeps away from solving it, and could cost a great deal. We have no choice but to do all we can to move that mountain. I hope that was relateable and understandable. Do you see what I am saying? We all have mountains...

God has blessed us to be friends and helpers, so we can help keep each other in the straight and narrow path. If we are to remain on a straight path together heading for Jesus, then we must move away the mountains in our lives, together. Sometime we just need the encouraging words of good Godly friends around us, to move that mountain. You know how Ty Pennington from, ABC's Extreme Home Makeover encourages everyone in the community, all at the same time, they yell, "Move That Bus". Along with a variety of people that help out, Tracy, Paul, Paige, Michael, Leigh... There is just a huge variety of designers that work with Ty. Well together in prayer and as a community we to, can yell in faith, "Move That Mountain." I am a huge fan of the show, maybe that was a given. LOL. It's just incredible seeing how they are changing many lives, while helping encourage people to move those huge mountains out of their way. So they can take care of ill family members, or move on after someones life was taken. I'm not an advocate for the show, maybe I should be. :) But we usually stop everything at home, when we know it's on. The reruns through a Saturday or Sunday are wonderful to watch. Miracle after miracle to watch and cry tears of joy, with the families. Please keep the faith, mountains can and will be moved by our faith; not only as individuals, but also as a community. I leave you with this today: How compelled do you feel in your faith to move mountains, and know that nothing is impossible because God is on your team? Maybe you can volunteer more and assist someone, and give stuff; and do all those things even with all the obstacles in your life in your way. Let us all pray together, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO

Today we pray the Glorious Mysteries
1. The Resurrection
2. The Ascension
3. The Descent of The Holy Spirit
4. The Assumption
5. The Coronation