Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nativity Scene - Dads View

Beads of Joy 10-20-10

The Nativity Scene - Dads View
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

Now this one reflection any dad would really enjoy reflecting upon. Let see today we are looking at: The Nativity, the Birth of Jesus, Jesus is born. Wow, it's almost all summed up just in the title of this Joyful Mystery. You know I was at the birth of every single one of my children. Yes, I was there the first moment they came into this world. That was one thing I was committed to, no matter what. I dropped everything and I was there with and for Chrissy through the birthing stages. Very fortunately all the kids were quick. Well Christopher went breech and was c-sectioned, after a couple hours of walking around trying to get him to turn. But other then that. lol. Let's look at Mary's situation, and how much Joseph must have been thrilled and excited about Jesus' birth. We all know that Joseph is not the father, rather the foster father. But Joseph was in the loop of communications with the angel Gabriel; and he was an upright holy man, so he not only believed, but he understood. How many dads out here in blog reader world were there for their child's birth? Can I see by a show of hands. lol, I know someone just raised their hands. lol. I didn't ask the mom's because, well, ok, at least you should have been there. lol, just kidding around.

Isn't it always fun and exciting talking about Jesus, not only in a biblical way, but in very relateable terms and experiences that we have? Jesus became man so that He could defeat the one thing man alone could not defeat, death. Yes we all know that's not His only reason to come and save us. But in His birth so much Joy has been brought into the world; the same way at our birth and the birth of our children, so much Joy was brought into the world. Just as Mary needed support and love for this scary event in her life; she knew that ultimately there would be Joy for everyone. When we are parents, especially new parents for the first time; we can get scared and think, "oh, I can't do this". Well I don't believe that. Yes with the first child unfortunately we try to do everything by the book: food, sleep, diapers, activities, everything. But by the time you get to your second and third and forth and for us the ultimate fifth. Well let's just say, as parents it becomes old school, we are pros, and we do have a tendency to raise all those after child one, a little bit differently.

Can you imagine what Mary must have felt when she knew, "it's time". Wow, she wasn't going to give birth to just a baby, this baby was and is God's Son become man. And now lets move the camera over the Joseph and zoom in on him; Joseph was about to be a dad, and he knew how important is role was going be. Behind the possible fear and maybe even incomplete full understanding to the extent of this, his heart must have skipped a beat with Joy. So many of us are parents, moms and dads. We know first hand the Joy connected with seeing the birth of our children. We know the overwhelming thrill seeing their face, and counting their fingers and toes. And wait for it... wait for it.. What is the "one" thing I do emphasis? The "one" thing we all do try to do? Well ok, we do many fun things that very first day, but what's that one thing that fills our hearts with so much Joy? For me, it was feeling them little fingers grab and hold tight to my finger. Now tell me, isn't that truly one of the most special loving feelings of a brand new baby? I would have loved to be the dad of as many kids as we possibly could have had, five is awesome, but ten or more is even cooler. I couldn't care less if I have to work three or four jobs. I simply love children.

God's Gift To Me (sorta hum a tune here)

I look into their eyes and smile....
I see them grin back at me,
I cuddle and hold them tight
For here is my brand new little baby.....

Little one I love you so....
For God has given us such Joy,
He knows we'll love you
With all our hearts...
You little girl or boy.......

I am so proud of you....
My heart skips a beat inside,
Your precious in God's sight
And now this love, I just can't hide......

I look into their eyes and smile....
I see them grin back at me,
I cuddle and hold them tight
For here is my brand new little baby.....

I would have to say the obvious has just occurred, but with that said, I know you all already know. I am a very proud dad. I love being a dad, more than anything else in this world. God has entrusted me, like He has with you, with the ultimate career. Taking care of His children. Just as God has entrusted us with so many others things in this life; in our children He has entrusted us with His greatest treasures, our children, His children. This blog today was so much fun to write. I pray that you to, find the same Joy in your children, and in your nieces and nephews, neighbors kids, yes all children, like I do.

Thank You Lord for entrusting me with 5 awesome kids.
Lord, may we all pray to you, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO

Today we pray the Glorious Mysteries

1. The Resurrection
2. The Ascension
3. The Descent of The Holy Spirit
4. The Assumption
5. The Coronation