Thursday, October 21, 2010

Presentation - A Dads View

Beads of Joy 10-21-10

Presentation - A Dads View
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

Hello Everyone,

I really enjoy these reflections. I hope they are doing two things: 1. Drawing you ever so much closer to our Lord in your life, in relationship to maybe your own personal reflection, 2. You can see how you and me and our Lord and our Blessed Mother are so much on the same page. Today we will be reflecting on the Forth Joyful Mystery - The Presentation in The Temple. So many things happened in this scene. Mary and Joseph dedicated their Son to God, and they met up with Simeon and Anna at the temple. Those two encounters alone must have been overwhelming. Praise Jesus that both Mary and Joseph were guided by the angel in all that they did; and in all that they were trying to understand. Can you imagine you or me in our church with someone we don't know approaching us, wanting to hold our newborn and then saying things we don't understand? Oh my, in today's world, we'd be asking for help and telling the police about the suspicious person eying our child. I would Mary more than Joseph was more scared, but Joseph as the man, he must have been ready to do whatever he had to do to protect his honey-bunny and his little baby boy. I just know it.

See how wonderful our Lord is by allowing us to relate to these splendid exciting events in His life. I can see myself as a Simeon. Though life does not allow me to openly go live in the temple and be there waiting for Jesus with open arms; but we can still be ready and willing and fully able like Simeon and Anna. I really see Joseph as the concerned "dad", foster or not, he knew well that he had to love and take care of Jesus and Mary. What an absolute honor of duty he certainly had in his life. I really wish more was written about him, in Jesus' life. I just know he was there for Jesus' first walk, His first words, maybe talks about scripture. What a love he must have had for the both of them. Dad's around the world, hold and love your children, with a love as if they were Jesus, or Mary or Joseph. Each soul, each life is so precious. God will work wonders in all our lives, if we allow Him in. So open your arms and embrace Jesus with all your heart, think of the Joy Mary felt every time, embracing her Son. And the pride of a dad, Joseph felt looking upon his Son growing up, learning His dad's trade as a carpenter. What an honor having your children follow the family business.

Looking upon this mystery is such a blessing, actually to me looking upon any mystery of the Rosary is a blessing. :) But this one in-particular, because this is where Jesus makes His first visit to His Father's house. The angels in Heaven must have been rejoicing as they entered into the synagogue. Dad's put yourself in Joseph's place in this mystery; and mom's put yourself in Mary's place. Just for a moment. Can we see the gaze they both must have had upon one another, as they looked upon their new baby boy? The love that must have filled their hearts and soul must have been overwhelming enough that either one or both had tears in their eyes. A moving experience no doubt.

My Baby Boy

The angel Gabriel was the one
The one to who kept them on track,
He was the one who guided their way
The one who would do the playback.

No doubt the Joy was in their heart
The day their Son was presented,
This child, was to be to the world
The true Son of God, to us was gifted.

No holding back, simply share that love
For this world can not destroy,
The world is saved thanks to God's mercy
For to Mary and Joseph they held a baby boy.

Embrace that child, the one of God
The one who is going to save us,
He'd be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
For with His death our life, He'd purchase.

Ok dad's all across this beautiful land, are you getting even more excited and proud about being a dad? I know I am. Dad's I have a secret, but I suspect you might already know these things. (ok, moms, skip this section. lol) Shh. Ok, dad's we are alone now: You and me need to be their for our kids, Joseph has played a very significant role in Jesus' life, not only in what they did in presenting Him to God in the temple; but also for all the love, nurturing and strength he had in protecting Him. Please dad's pray for your children every single day, out loud by name. These are your children, and even more importantly, these children of yours are also God's children. Each one possesses a soul, a soul that has the chance to spend all eternity with God in Heaven. A soul when nurtured, will worship Jesus in spirit and truth as they to have children. This is a legacy for you dads, one that no one and nothing in this world can grab hold of. (ok, moms, you can read now, lol). So today let us praise Jesus for His unending love and endless, overflowing commitment to saving us. His mercy is such a blessing as we walk down this road we call life, hand in hand and side by side with our Savior.

Thank You Lord for entrusting me with 5 awesome kids.
Lord, may we all pray to you, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO

Today we pray the Luminous Mysteries

1. Baptism of Jesus
2. Wedding at Cana
3. Proclamation of the Kingdom
4. The Transfiguration
5. Institution of the Holy Eucharist