Monday, October 11, 2010

Ultimately - All About Jesus

Beads of Joy 10-11-10

Ultimately - All About Jesus
©2010 James Dacey, Jr. SFO

It's All About Jesus - Ask Mary 1/5
Hello Everyone,

This past weekend I prayed for our Lord to lead me closer to His mother, like I always do; and help show me how she is indeed, diligently at work at directing all of us to her Son. In the midst of that prayer, I was lead to a book I use to relax and read in my meditation years back called, "True Devotion To The Blessed Virgin" by St. Louis de Montfort. A book you honestly can never put down. Well in the midst of all this I was led to a list of what our devotion to Mary consists of. So this week I will be reflecting and sharing the five basic principles of our devotion to our Blessed Mother. Not only the way St Louis wrote it, but also how my twenty seven years of devotion fit into this equation. There is so much to share with everyone. In this section St. Louis de Montfort made some extremely helpful, but probably well know points. All our prayers must ultimately end in Jesus, if not then our prayers are false and misleading. If we are indeed solid in our relationship and knowledge of how all our devotion, all our praise and worship and all that we call God is Jesus; then we know praying with our Blessed Mother only leads us to Jesus. He also points out, that if in our devotion to our Lady we lose sight of Jesus, then that is an illusion of the devil. So staying attentive for and seeking only Jesus, is our main purpose when we are devoted to our Lady. Our love and respect for Mary is important in our walk to Jesus. St Louis de Montfort referred to a quote by an unnamed saint, "Let no one presume to expect mercy from God, who offends his holy Mother."

Our precious Lord has blessed us with His most beautiful mother. How can we not give her any love and adoration? I understand: she isn't our Lord, she isn't our Savior, she didn't die for our sins, and she didn't die on a cross. But without her, neither could Jesus. She was chosen for an array of reasons. I think mostly because she had be brought up in a most God loving home and she was being prepared for one of the greatest events in her life. God found favor with this young virgin. God and God alone knows all the reasons why He does things; but I think it's fair to say that when He chose Mary, he made a wonderful choice. Let's see: How has Mary brought us to Jesus or Jesus to us? Well for starters when she said, "yes", she decided that she would be the one to bring Jesus to us. And then a simple example would be The Wedding at Cana, where Mary brought the servants to Jesus and told them, "do whatever He says". This is so exciting, now all we have to do is hang out with Mrs. C. and we will be brought to her Son, over and over. LOL. I think the goofy, giddy bone is taking effect here. I get so excited inside my heart every single time I think of all that has been done for us, by God.

All About Jesus

If we were to say let us give praise
You might ask who we are praying toward,
I'd be confused why you asked that
It's all about Jesus, He is our only Lord.

There will never be another in our life
He came to save us all with His love,
There is no other who can be praised
It's all about Jesus, from Heaven above.

Now look towards our Blessed Mother
Her name is Mary, she is queen indeed,
But we do not worship her as God
For only Jesus is worshiped on them beads.

Mary is here to guide the way for all us
That chain of beads really helps us so well,
If only more would understand that
They would join us and ring the 3 o'clock bell.

My brothers and sister we can stand tall
For our love for Mary is a blessed thing,
For God knows our hearts and our thoughts
So grab the Rosary, and pray and sing.

Do not lose hope and focus when it comes to the Rosary, just as Mary was the vessel that brought Jesus to us; so the Rosary is the chain that anchors us to the vessel that bore Jesus. We only focus on Jesus. If for any reason you feel it is all about Mary, then it is in your own mindset or the devil is creating illusions on you. If I were to say jump in my car so I can take you to Mass. And along the way we share wonderful loving kind words about our Lord and our shared adoration for Jesus and His Mother, when we get to the church, is it me you were looking at, or thinking about? Of cause not! You were thinking about your arrival to God's house to see His Son. We shared conversation about Him, and how truly wonderful it was going to be once we arrived. Mary to is our transportation to Jesus. We share an adoring love for her Son, as in our own fellowship, we worship Him along the way. Our blessed Mother is a blessing, embrace her like she were your mom. Because spiritually she is, she gave birth to our Lord. Her blood and His blood flowed together for nine months. Simply love her for who she is, the Queen of Heaven no doubt. And when you are in doubt about who she is; please pray this simple prayer asking Jesus to guide your heart, "Jesus, I trust in You."

Your brother in Christ Jesus & His Most Blessed Mother,
Jim (The Rosary Man) Dacey Jr SFO

Today we pray the Joyful Mysteries

1. The Annunciation
2. The Visitation
3. The Birth of Jesus
4. The Presentation in The Temple
5. Finding of Jesus in the Temple